IMDb: The Great Orwellian Machine

“We are not yet accepting homosexual marriages until their status has been fully determined by legal challenges. Such unions, along with civil unions, can be noted as biographical trivia.”

IMDb‘s policy on listing same-sex marriages of actors. IMDb is arguably the most widely-used entertainment database on the internet.

imdb.jpgBrian over at FAF has his undies in a bundle, and we’re inclined to agree. When looking through pages on IMDb, Brian noticed their oddly-discriminatory stance on gay relationships.

It seems the database will not list any same-sex spouses of actors, directors and producers (and even attention-starved reality-TV crazies!) included on the site.

IMDb’s site says it will hold the policy until legal status of gay marriage can be “fully determined.” But in the case of Sir Elton John, his status is determined: civil unions are legal in the United Kingdom, yet David Furnish is not listed as a spouse.

We’d just love to get our claws on whomever runs IMDb, and let them explain their way out of this policy. Because to us, it looks like they’re using the website to make a rather bold statement, doubting the legitimacy of gay marriage. We’re especially troubled by this one company’s ability to paint a distorted picture of history; people living hundreds of years from now will read the site’s information, with facts omitted simply because IMDb chooses to do so. It’s all very 1984, Orwellian-spooky stuff. Next will come the face cages filled with rats.

To send your concern to IMDb, and we encourage you to do so, email IMDb here. (You must register first.)

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