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This Instagram account brilliantly skewers every Basic Gay you’ve ever met. Look familiar?

We’ve just discovered our latest Internet obsession, and life may never be the same.

The LA Basics wickedly parodies those “Basic Gays” who aspire to rack up adoring Instagram followers by endlessly posting thirst-trappy selfies, opulent vacation snaps, and shameless plugs for sponsors (most of which are underwear companies.)

It’s a great, lighthearted skewering of a very particular type of gay man you’re likely to meet after midnight at The Abbey, unless, of course, it’s that particular type of gay man that people meet when they’re meeting you.

The account’s biography says it all: “Part-time model| Aspiring actor | Fashion Blogger | Gym Enthusiast.”

Take a look at some of the best bits below:

Happy Birthday Queen Béy! ??? We baked you a cake ? (Obviously none of us is eating this) #happybeyday #happyslayday

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LABOR DAY in Palm Springs on a giant floaty. I'm such a goofball! ? #holidayvibes

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Mykonos! So excited to spend the week with 10,000 of my closest friends! #mykonos2017 ?? #traveladdict

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This is NOT me. Some idiot in Atlanta is using my pics. Report him!! #getyourownlife #prettypeopleproblems

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  • barkomatic

    This is absolutely hilarious!

  • Donston

    This is almost pointless because most of those guys became parodies of themselves years ago. But this is still entertaining nonetheless.

  • Ummmm Yeah

    It’s even sadder that anyone spends this amount of time worried about what someone else is doing. Clearly someone is doing a lot of Facebook stalking.

  • Spike

    What, you mean this isn’t Max Emerson’s second Instagram Acct?

    Could have fooled me.

    • dean089

      LOL! Yeah, it should say SOME gays, but maybe the person who wrote “all” doesn’t know any other kind(?).

  • dean089

    I’ve seen gays like this on the Internet but have never actually met any in person and most likely never will. Maybe the gays in LaLaLand need to get out more and find out that we’re not all spray-tanned beach bimbos.

    • Donston

      I’ve met a few. But it definitely comes more from a specific demo and a certain mindset as well as being more likely to come from people who live in certain areas.

    • larrytopping

      DITTO! They’re glorifying the old stereotype. Or, making fun of it. Whichever.

  • Stephen

    Love satire. When we can laugh at moments we know from others, have done in our youth for 10 minutes, we can share vapid was soooooo cool. Until we woke up. Young has a lot of challenges, more every decade. Let’s lighten up and love these cartoons to also show stereotypes are a little okay and a little real. They don’t define us. The PC thing is pushing me off. Judge vs. laughter? Gimme a break! Smile, darn ya’!

  • jkthsnk

    So you only know boring, affluent, narcissistic white gay men? What a sad limited life. And gay is not a f’ing noun.

  • Terrycloth

    There are a lot of plastic people out there.look at the meat rack in your favorite gay club…

  • Doug

    Just looked at the “Instastuds” section of Queerty and this is an almost perfect replica, lol!

  • BriBri

    Any one of those could be DCGUY as none of them has a male member.

  • wizbang_fl

    It’s the Gay version of the Kardashians.

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