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Iran + Iraq Competing to Make Sure You Can’t Tell the Difference Between the Two

Iran: “The Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR) recently received reports from Iran regarding three more possible death sentences for homosexuality, one man receiving 74 lashes for his homosexual act and the murder of a 23 year old bisexual man by the Iranian security forces.” Iraq: “The international community is shocked by a brutal police raid on a gay house in Iraq. The house was inhabited by two gay, one lesbian and two transvestites. The house was burned down after the raid. The incident took place on June 16. The residents have been arrested. Gay organization in Iraq fear that they will be tortured by Ministry of Interior. Over the last two years several gay men were tortured and executed without trial.”

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  • toropche

    wow, Queerty is on point with its racism today. First the headline about black women being banned from blood donations and now this. I find that this site tends to be very white washed and all about white and male privilege, and it’s getting to be way much folks. removing this shitfest of hatred and superiority from my blog roll.

  • Mike L.

    @toropche: Eres un pendejo.

  • William Day

    @toropche: Just out of idle curiosity, how does pointing out that a number of middle eastern contries share similarly vile attitudes towards homosexuality make Queerty racist?


    @toropche: If you are offended by the “racism” by Queerty pointing out the savagery perpetuated by the fundamentalist scumbags in muslim countries against anything even remotly Gay, I strongly suggest you purchase a ticket to anyone of those countries and walk down any street and proclaim that you are Gay. Very curious to see how your comments would change upon returning to the United States………

    Oh Silly Me!! You would not return, you most likely would suffer the exact same fate as the two Gays in the picture above, you know the “racist” picute you are so offended by……..

  • Tallskin

    @toropche- “wow, Queerty is on point with its racism today.”

    Huh? Not sure I understand. Can you explain???

  • PopSnap


    Yeah, who cares what Middle Eastern nations do. Who cares if they execute LGBT’s by the truckload, have incredibly sexist attitudes towards women, repress all non-Muslims, and hate Jews? THEY HAVE BROWN SKIN so if you say anything bad about them YOU ARE A RACISTT!!!!

  • Syl

    What? If it’s racist to acknowledge that people in certain countries are absolutely vile to queer people, then hand me a swastika’d armband!

  • Markie-Mark

    Where is the US Sec. of State? Why have we not heard a peep out of Hillary Clinton? The very least she could do is talk about it. The next least she could do is direct our embassies to offer asylum. Why does she get a pass on this issue from gay people? Someone please tell me.

  • Bill Perdue

    The situation for our brothers and sisters is desperate in a number of countries.

    We’re scapegoats for the mad ayatollahs of Iran along with trade unionists, feminists, youth and students. As far as I can tell from press reports we suffer far and away the largest number of arrest, brutal torture and state sponsored lynching’s.

    In Iraq the police and militia of the US controlled regime continue to kidnap, brutalize and murder GLBT folks by the hundreds to deflect attention from the failure of the regime and its ties to the US.

    In half a dozen African nations American christers are paying millions to sponsor christian hate groups and to promote laws like the Ugandan law, still in the running, what would mandate pogroms against us. Obama’s bbf Rick Warren is in the thick of it. In addition the virulently anti-LGBT Global-South wing of the anglican cult promotes violence against us. Nigerian LGBT folks get the worst of both because their country is infested with bigoted anglicans and islamist jihadists eager to impose sharia law – torture and death.

    Markie-Mark is right. In North America and Europe, where most of the bigotry against GLBT folks originates, we should insist that governments offer unlimited asylum to victims of violence, harassment and refugees from the certainty of torture and death.

  • Steff

    @toropche: I see that you are a proponent of cultural relativism (perhaps even moral as well) but the inconsistency of your argument lies in the notion that any critique is deeply unwarranted. What is going on is a violation of human rights the same as people who get discriminated against due to their race. I’m both Indian and gay, the worst thing we can do is break people down into an extreme segmented society. It would be racism if we don’t consider our LGBT brethren in various countries. We must never devoid anyone of their humanity.

  • jeffree

    Iranians and Iraqis do not share an ethicity, just a religion.

  • jeffree

    Whoa: I meant ethnicity.

  • reason

    Iraq’s are Arab, and the Iranians are Persian. The deteriorating situation for gays in Iraq is a direct result of the U.S. invasion, GBLT were a lot better of in a secular society. Now Iraq is turning into a society of religious fundamentalist. Crazy thing is we made the same blunder in Iran with the over through of Mosaddegh.

  • Harpy

    When situations become difficult, be they due to economic or social upheavals, the first blood spilled is that of minorities. In the heterosexual consciousness nothing is more of a target than the ‘perverse’ sexual minorities.

    I wonder fellow secular western queers, how we will be treated when our societies begin to change drastically. I wonder if the pieces of paper that we so tightly hold on to, will help us? I wonder if our societies will still be civilized.

  • Chris

    @toropche: Wow. Your head is so far up your ass that you’re head is hanging out of your mouth. Fuck this backwards-ass countries for killing innocent people and blaming their imaginary sky-wizards. Fuck them in the ass with Mohammed’s dick.

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