Is Battle Bears Video Game Homophobic Or Just In Bad Taste?

Some queer bloggers are steamed over a video game that they claim pushes thinly veiled homophobia on America’s youth.

Battle Bears, a hit release from SkyVu Entertainment, sees militaristic ursine soldiers blasting warm-and-fuzzy pink bears called Huggables. When the cuddly critters are shot, though, they bleed rainbows instead of blood and guts.

Blogger Aksarbent writes:

This contemptible game has blown up since its August release, now closing in on 20 million downloads to mostly preteen boys. Since many of the install­ments in the Battle Bears series are free, in-game advertising accounts for half the revenue. But soon the not-so-subtle anti-gay subtext of the game will be rewiring the brains of young boys on children’s TV too, with action figures and toys not far behind. Hey GLAAD, did you forget to set your alarm clock?

But is the game targeting the rainbow-loving gays—or the actually-pretty-annoying Care Bears? Or is it just a silly game?

Check out the trailer below and make a case in the comments section.