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Is Future MSNBC Host And Hollywood Royalty Ronan Farrow Bi?


Ronan Farrow, future MSNBC host and son of Mia Farrow and either Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra, apparently likes both guys and gals.

Gossip guy Richard Johnson over at Page Six is reporting that the Rhodes Scholar, writer, and Yale Law grad has “come under pressure” by some gays to come out of the closet in advance of his MSNBC debut.

MSNBC had been in development talks with Farrow for months, and though he’s short on on-camera experience, he’s served as an advisor in multiple capacities in the Obama administration, has written for The Wall Street Journal and will publish his first book Pandora’s Box: How American Military Aid Creates America’s Enemies via Penguin Press in 2015.

Since coming to prominence early last year, Farrow has been linked with everyone from fashion designer Tory Burch to Selena Gomez, but a friend of his told Johnson that his interests go beyond women. “He’s not in the closet,” the friend says. “He’s been with guys, but he’s also been with girls. He’s open about both.” Farrow is reportedly close to Jon Lovett, the out former speech writer for President Obama.

MSNBC is, of course, home to prominent gays Rachel Maddow, Thomas Roberts, and Steve Kornacki, and Farrow would seem to be a good fit for their brand of wonky political journalism shows. Though another friend maintained that Farrow “doesn’t want to be labeled as gay or straight or bisexual,” an openly bi male media personality would certainly be something different on the airwaves, even on MSNBC.

Perhaps Ronan’s show won’t be the only thing coming out in January.

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  • crowebobby

    Is he hung to the knee like his alleged daddy is a more interesting subject for discussion.

  • JeepRod

    Who cares?
    The fact you recognize, refer to or cite a ‘gossip-anything’ is pathetic.

  • Cam

    Actually Jon Lovett and him have supposedly been dating for 2 years.

  • jimbryant

    The reason gay men find bisexual men threatening is because the latter prove that you can reject male homosexual feelings. There are many men out there who have rejected the homosexual side of themselves in favour of marrying a woman and having children with her.

    Bisexual men don’t fit in with the political “you are or you aren’t” propaganda of gay men. They prove that you can reject homosexual feelings and still be comfortably adjusted.

  • DarSco

    I ate to be a killjoy but I’m not gonna get any so why should i care lol. BUT he is VERY attractive & smart.

  • Merv

    @jimbryant: What about bisexual men who settle down with someone of the same sex? What do they prove?

  • Alan down in Florida

    @jimbryant: D’oh. I think you’ve got it exactly backwards. Bisexual men are not rejecting homosexual feelings at all. It is the fact that they accept these feeling and act on them as well as their heterosexual feelings THAT MAKES THEM BISEXUAL.

    The only straight men that find bisexual men threatening are those that can’t deal with the fact that they have a legitimate outlet for their male sexual attraction that doesn’t make them G-A-Y. They’d rather stay in the closet and flagellate themselves for feeling contrary to their religion’s orthodoxy.

  • jimbryant

    Men who are attracted to both men and women, but in different proportions, often find it easier to settle down with the majority proportion.

    However, personality does play a role too. If a man who is attracted to men and women in a 1:5 ratio finds a man whose personality suits him perfectly, he will probably settle down with that man even though he is mainly attracted to women.

    Personality plays a huge role in sexual attraction. It’s not just orientation.

  • Pistolo

    If he likes women and men why can’t he just say he’s bisexual? It’s not like somehow, by identifying his sexuality, we’re invading his life and it’s not even an oppressive label. If he has sex with men and women, likes sex with men and women, falls in love with men and women then he fits the definition. What’s the big deal? It’s a pretty broad term, it’s not restrictive at all.

    I feel like all the elusiveness is just an invite for people to question him about it and inquire, it does the exact opposite of what he wants assuming he wants privacy.

    Bisexuals need advocates too. I think part of the reason why bisexuals are often overlooked is because people make the false argument that everyone is bisexual and it doesn’t resonate with people who aren’t (aka, a lot people). I think that group needs to be more tangible and present so they’re represented. First step, just say it!

  • Dixie Rect

    He’s as gay as a picnic basket. Bi my eye !

  • Jonty Coppersmith


    ONLY if you are bi, and even then it’s not a matter of rejecting your gay side. It just depends on who you fall in love with.

  • LadyL

    Yeah, this is either his worry about public reaction to his “non-straightness” or he’s surrounded by people counseling him to “keep ’em guessing” (maybe both). Either way, spare us the he doesn’t care/it’s no big deal crap. It’s obviously a big deal to somebody or he’d just say it already and move on.

  • jckfmsincty

    Well, he certainly doesn’t look like Woody Allen. But, he has a genius IQ. I’m guessing that Woody is the dad.

  • bledoutcolor

    @Pistolo: I just wanted to say I dont think ive ever agreed with a comment on Queerty more. Especially about the “everyone’s bi” falsehood turning more people against the cause than not because it isnt true and erases monosexual identities which is just the reverse of what bi people dont want done to them. And for men who are bi, claiming any other identity, while easier, will never improve the situation for bi people and will also hurt monosexual people’s identities because anti-gay people (such as jimbryant above) will claim gays can change or choose to bed women.

    @jimbryant: Ive never disagreed more with a comment on queerty and people lke you are the reason so many queer identified people dislike bi people or see them as traitors. Shame on you for belittling other peoples sexualities and using an already marginalized subsection of the community to justify your bigotry.

  • DickGreenleaf

    Satchel does look more like Sinatra but who knows who his real father is?

  • DarkZephyr

    @jimbryant: I don’t find bisexual men “threatening” at all. I have dated them before. Also bisexual men “prove” nothing whatsoever about gay men being able to reject their homosexuality. What an absurd thing to say. Bisexual men are bisexual and gay men are gay, period.

  • Rockery

    He looks like he was born a woman

  • DarkZephyr

    @Rockery: I think he looks hot.

  • Jonathan26

    I think the bit about the women is a smokescreen to provide cover to an about-to-be on the air personality. If he’s gay, it’ll out eventually.

  • stanhope

    He truly has Sinatra physical queues. If he was raised my Mia Farrow, I’d have to believe that he will exhibit the integrity she has exhibited all of her life. It is his decision whether he declares his sexuality…I can’t imagine he’d be deceptive about it. He is an accomplished person with a most unusual background which should richly inform his reportage. HOT, he is, but it is a sideline.

  • Eiswirth

    @jimbryant: If one can “reject” his or her homosexual feelings, as you claim, then one is not homosexual. One is “bi-curious,” and most comfortable being with someone of the opposite sex. He’s not truly “bi” then, so your theory doesn’t hold up.

  • Eiswirth

    Oh… forgot to add to the cheap/gossipy side of this article. There’s not an ounce of Woody Allen blood in him; he looks much like a Sinatra offspring. He’s quite handsome, IMO.

  • jwtraveler

    When will gay media like Queerty stop asking these questions? Ronan Farrow is an exceptional, brilliant, accomplished (and attractive) young man. Who he sleeps with or dates, and who is father is are nobody’s business. Why not focus on his unusual talents, abilities and contributions, achieved at an unusually young age and his enormous potential? You know, the important things.

  • JimboinLA

    Pray for Rosemary’s baby.

  • yaletownman

    God he’s pretty and though I love Woody as an actor/writer and director I don’t think he could produce a human as lovely as this.

  • jimbryant


    Haven’t you heard of a chaste, exclusively gay male? These are men with exclusively homosexual orientations who have chosen – yes, chosen – to ban themselves from engaging in homosexual relations. Their feelings for men are rejected mentally.

    With men who are attracted to both men and women, the smaller proportion is easier to reject. For instance, if a man is attracted to women only about 10% of the time, he will find it easier to reject feelings for women than for men. Nevertheless, he can reject feelings for both sexes with a little willpower and self-imposed chastity.

  • MikeE

    @jimbryant: the “feelings” aren’t rejected, you twit. the ACTIONS are. the feelings remain even if they are denied. that’s what makes being closeted so self-destructive.

    if you have absolutely no idea what the [email protected] you’re talking about, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and look like an idiot, than to open it and prove you’re an idiot.

  • balehead

    He’s attractive because he is blue eyed/blond?…Nice to see Gay Nazi’s still exist when it comes to looks/colouring…

  • sportyguy1983

    We should care why?

  • DarkZephyr

    @balehead: He’s attractive because he has an amazingly handsome facial structure and yes, there are probably those who DO especially like blue-eyed blonds, which is their right. It doesn’t make them Nazis. Just because he doesn’t match your steroid monkey fetish doesn’t mean he isn’t attractive to normal people.

  • damienbasile

    If he is in fact bi then hopefully he embraces it publicly. Bisexuals need to see more bi people in the public eye so they can feel it’s ok to embrace their sexuality and not hide in the straight world.

  • vocodr


    Oh please, you love the gossip – that’s why you’re here. No-one comes to Queerty for lengthy dissertations on the works of Gore Vidal. (That’s not a dig at Queerty, BTW – it has its niche and fills it admirably.)

  • vocodr

    P.S. Ronan Farrow is bi like your grandma is a banana. That boy is more bent than a Uri Geller teaspoon, i.e. gay all the way.

  • Alan down in Florida

    @vocodr: “More bent than a Uri Geller teaspoon” ROFLMAO. I realize that a large % of Queerty’s readers won’t understand the reference but it made my morning.

  • rand503

    Well thank god for Ronan! The world despately needs a law school grad to tell us how our military aid creates enemies around the world.mmhis vast xperience in LA no doubt gave him the insight to see how such aid affects people the world over.

    Sheesh. Sorry guys. What I see is a guy who has famous parents and is good looking, and every one treats him like some sort of Demi god. I’mt sure he’s smart, but what the hell Deanne have to say that more experienced people can’t already say?

    In a short period of time, he will begin to actually believe the hype of how brilliant he is and he will become just another arrogant jerk tellings us what the world is really like while he jets around in luxury and a nice little bubble to protect himself from the real world.

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