Italy, Do It Better

Italian Sports Magazine Features Hot Rugby Players Making Out On The Cover; Endures Obligatory Backlash

Gazzetta_Dello_Sport_Gay_Rugby_Kiss-1200x700_cA bold move: sticking two kissing rugby players on the cover of your Italian sports magazine. It’s an editorial decision that’s guaranteed to drum up significant backlash in such a stubbornly homophobic country.

Admirably, the July 11 issue of SportWeek features two swarthy fellows named Giacomo and Stefano fused in a passionate liplock alongside the only-slightly taunting caption, “Who’s afraid of a kiss?”

As of this report, no bishops have hurdled themselves from Vatican windows, nor is a motley parade of white-haired ladies tottering through Sicily wailing and beating their breasts. But some randos drifting through the Twitterverse had some dipshit things to say, so lets focus on them:

“That’s disgusting,” wrote one.

“You’re painfully conformist and ideological,” chimed in another.

Meanwhile, on the other side of life, several Twitterers praised the mag and the brave teammates/boyfriends of amateur Rome squad Libera Rugby:

“I’m not afraid… but many Italians are, and its fear and ignorance that create homophobia.”

The magazine — which features several stories on homosexuality in sports and Italy’s first gay-friendly rugby team — illuminates the fact that Italy is still the only Western European country that won’t recognize gay marriage or civil unions.
h/t: Gay Star News