Jessica Simpson Makes Own Calls


Contrary to popular belief, not all fags like Jessica Simpson (pictured in all her cartoon glory). In fact, we kind of hate her – although do shamefully admit to kinda liking Ashley – yet we can’t help but be drawn to her and all the senseless attention lavished on her by America.

Today’s installment comes from the gorgeous and regretfully hetero journo, Jeff Bercovici – the former WWD writer who joined Maer Roshan‘s online incarnation of the death-defying Radar Magazine.

Apparently, Ms. Simpson has been calling editors at all the tabbies to clean up the mess caused by her now canned publicist, Rob Shuter.

Bercovici writes:

A penitent Simpson expressed gratitude for the boost the weeklies have given her career, determination to take on a more direct role in dealing with them, and sadness at having become an object of scorn for the very magazines that once treated her like a goddess. “She’s wondering why they all turned on her,” says the source. Adds another person close to the situation, “It was kind of like, ‘Hi, I’m actually a human being.'”

We were going to get on the horn and call all the readers we’ve offended, but then we thought, “Ah, fuck em. What’s for lunch?”