Talks Gay Around Guppie

Jim Naugle’s Not A ‘Family’ Man

Michelangelo Signorile hosted homophobic mayor Jim Naugle on his show earlier this week. In his follow-up post over at The Gist, Signorile expresses regret for not taking a harder line against the Fort Lauderdale mayor.

In addition, the 46-year old homo-journo does point out something interesting: “family defender” Naugle did the sex-laced interview near a child.

Naugle did the interview from his car, on the cell phone, with his daughter or granddaughter in the car, who can be heard in the background. Yes, there was a child (had to be between 5 and 9 years old from the sound) in the car, while he’s talking about sex in toilets while driving — this from a man whose whole campaign has been couched as protecting kids from sexual activity!

Though there’s anything wrong with talking sex around kids – they’re going to find out at some point! – Naugle’s actions are a little…what’s the word? Hypocritical!