Collateral Damage Yet To Be Determined

John Barrowman Helps Gay Guppies

This may be the most awesome thing in the whole world ever in history until the end of time and beyond:

Developed with the Right On Sista wing of me-me-me, these posters, postcards and pencil-case-friendly stickers are about to hit each and every secondary school (that means high school btw) in the whole of Her Majesty’s kingdom of olde England.

Backed up by John Barrowman, gayer star of Torchwood and Dr. Who, the campaign is designed to help tackle homophobic abuse in schools. The message is basically that it’s time for kids to grow the fuck up and get with the programme. Already. For crying out loud.

Donate your time, money and maybe even sperm to Stonewall here.

Can you imagine what would happen if they installed those posters here in the states? It would be fucking anarchy!

Also, we agree with me-me-me: “dirty homophobic school children” are going to have a field day with this one.

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  • Leland Frances

    Totally cool! Brilliant in its simplicity and flavored with just enough snark that its intended demographic will eat it up.

    John Barrowman, huh? Good for him! Paging “gay activist” Reichen. Oh, wait, he’s too busy threatening ex’es with lawsuits and trying to sucker people into paying to cruise to Cabo with him in the name of “ending DADT” except that cause, mateys, will never see a dime from the latest scheme of the Butt that Butt Pirates luv to luv.

  • thegayrecluse

    This is awesome–there should be a geurilla (sp?) campaign to insert these into all of the right-wing religious nutjob books that get sent out to schools in the U.S. Bibles would be even better.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    We will see if we can get these in Canada !! Imagine the right message written in South paw form, and yes, written in the Queen’s English for we loyal subjects of HM the Queen in this hemisphere.

  • lyssa

    They could use them to cover up those silly stamps that the put in Texas biology schoolbooks.

    The ones that read:
    “All material on evolution in this textbook is presented as theory, and not as fact.”

  • GayIsGood

    I heard that Genre Magazine is blowing these into their next issue. Congrats to a gay magazine for admitting it is gay – and not tailoring its editorial to the straight advertisers!

  • A. Ogg

    Is this only happening in England, or does it include all of Britain?

  • Getting Over It

    It’s going out to all of Britain apparently. I got a load sent to me from Stonewall, they’re free!!


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