Jordana Brewster Ain’t No Girltrash!

Karey Dornetto’s Ilene Chaiken-inspired video inspired us to head over to Chaiken’s virtual L-Word spin-off, Our Chart. In addition to some words from Chaiken herself, the site also features such exclusives as “Inside The Writer’s Room,” “What Would Jenny Do?” (based on that crazy character) and the eagerly-anticipated, Our Chart-exclusive pulp series, Girltrash!

We’ve chatted about the LA-crime drama before, expressing our glee that Jordana Brewster had signed on as a recurring character. Obviously this excited us to no end, especially after watching Brewster deliver one of the most unapologetically ludicrous lines in homo history: “You don’t know who the fuck you’re dealing with, you motherfucking cocksucking pussy!” We get wet just writing it. (Sadly, the video has since been removed from YouTube – you can watch a ghetto version here.)

Unfortunately, Our Chart currently features this note from Girltrash! creator, Angela Robinson:

My friend, Jordana Brewster, was going to be in GT and we shot a few previews with her, but she had to drop out of GT to star in the pilot for Mr. and Mrs. Smith (which is very exciting!). We were sad to lose her, and she may come back and do a few episodes for us, depending on what happens to her show. In the meantime, I kept the footage of Jordana in the previews because I thought it was fun to see her being a bad-ass…

Sigh. At least Margaret Cho’s still a part of the meow mix…