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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Made Out With James Corden Under The Mistletoe


We’re still trying to catch our breath from Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s spot-on impersonation and lip sync of Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation,” so how can he possibly top that watercooler moment? Oh right, by making out with The Late, Late Show host James Corden. When being introduced on the often-wacky chat show, JG-L peeps out of his dressing room holding a bouquet of mistletoe over his head just waiting for someone to plant a big wet one on his luscious lips. With little encouragement, he dashes down the hallway to exchange saliva with the host, who’s no stranger to a bit of same-sex flirtation himself.

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And, wow, check out the action going on in fellow guest Bryan Cranston’s dressing room. Let’s all visit The Late, Late Show set asap.

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Watch the pre-holiday fireworks below.