Kalamazoo Restaurant Owner Apologizes For Anti-Gay Facebook Posts

Earlier this week, Queerty reported on Terry Henderson, the owner of a Smashburger restaurant in Kalamazoo, MI, who posted hate-filled updates on Facebook attacking both same-sex marriage and gays in the Boys Scouts.

Hey Starbucks, want to celebrate traditional marriage with us? I didn’t think so?

“Celebrate marriage with us. We are honoring God’s design for marriage and celebrating all who have joined together as man and wife. Click LIKE if you’ve been married 10 YEARS!”

Smashburger co-owners Terry and Jean Henderson
Smashburger co-owners Terry and Jean Henderson

In an earlier post, Henderson also bashed efforts to end the Boy Scouts ban on openly gay members.

As an Eagle Scout, I personally know of an incident involving a sexual assault on a younger boy committed by an older homosexual boy (note, I did not use the politically correct term “gay”—let the hate mail begin). The Boy Scouts as well as many other youth organizations have had their reputations smeared in the past because they unintentionally and unknowingly allowed homosexual pedophiles into their ranks…

I ask, do you want your boy scout (or any parent’s scout) sharing a tent with an avowed homosexual? Are you content with the idea of your scout being led on overnight camping trips by openly homosexual males?

If not, please vote to help the Boy Scouts of America maintain its 100 year tradition of doing its best to do its duty to God and country. Don’t worry your vote is secret, unlike mine.

On Wednesday, Henderson sent us an email apologizing for his posts:

“I sincerely regret the comments that I recently made on my personal Facebook page.  The comments were inappropriate and frankly un-Christian and I would like to apologize to the gay and lesbian community and all those who were offended.

I have taken down my Facebook page as I realize the hurtful impact my comments have had.”

We’ll leave it up to you to decide if Henderson truly had a change of heart, or realized that media coverage from Queerty and other sites was hurting his bottom line. (Henderson also runs a local marketing company).

Regardless, we appreciate his reply—and that he gave a real apology, not one of those “I’m sorry if you took it that way” cop-outs.

You can still help the LGBT community in Michigan with a donation to the Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Resource Center.