Karl Rove: GOP Candidate Could Back Gay Marriage In 2016, Supreme Court Will Leave Legalization To States

We’re not fans of Karl Rove, but the man is a canny strategist: This morning on ABC’s This Week, the Sith Lord said he could see Republican presidential candidates supporting marriage equality by 2016.

He also predicted the Supreme Court will vote in favor of marriage equality in the two cases it will hear this coming week, but the their ruling will leave legalization of same-sex marriages up to the states. “What we may see is a decision here that in essence has, not a 5-4 decision, but a 6-3, 7-2, that says leave it up to the states. In fact we could see an 8-1.”

Getting in a car and driving to another state to have your union recognized may seem unconscionable, but interracial couples dealt with that very situation for decades. So did heterosexual couples looking to elope. (Many would head to Maryland, which required neither a blood test nor witnesses.)

Is that a good enough result for you?  Or is the idea of piecemeal equality unconscionable? Give your ruling in the comments section below.

h/t: Joe. My. God.