Karl Rove Has ‘No Idea If My Father Was Gay,’ So Stop Perseucting Him About It

It’s well accepted in certain circles that family values defender and newly divorced Karl Rove is a horse’s ass, but he has a new memoir out, called Courage and Consequence, so it’s time to get personal with him. Like how his stepfather Louis was supposedly a giant ‘mo, and how Rove’s face gets red with fury when you try to bring it up.

Lest anyone try to use Louis’ rumored-about sexuality to smear Karl!

“The attack dog rears his head, however, when Rove deals with questions about his stepfather’s sexual orientation,” writes Steven Levingston. “He blasts journalists for raising the issue at all — in his eyes it’s purely a liberal gambit to criticize him for his views on homosexuality. Rove launches a well-honed rebuttal — a skill learned long ago, no doubt, on the high school debate team — that comes across as part analysis and part dismissal. ‘Could Dad have been gay?’ he asks, acknowledging that his stepfather had gay friends and volunteered at an AIDS project. ‘To this day, I have no idea if my father was gay. And, frankly, I don’t care. He was my father, with whom I had a wonderful relationship and whom I loved deeply.'”

Now someone ask Rove about gay marriage. He loves that one.

UPDATE: Video from Today has Rove talking about how he learned he was adopted. Around the 3:00 mark, he talks about Louis’ gay rumors. “In order to get to me people had to say ugly things about my parents.” We’ll agree with him on one thing: “Our families shouldn’t be used as convenient targets to shoot at to get at people in politics.” Unless anti-gay persons abuse those families to retreat behind their bigotry.