Katharine Jefferts Schori Takes Stand Against Akinola and Co.

America’s Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori (aka Bad Ass Bible Babe) will not be intimidated.

She’s down in Tanzania, where international Anglican leaders have congregated to duke it out over the role of gays in the 77 million strong church. Conservatives, such as the ever lovable Archbishop Peter Akinola, says there’s no place for the homos but hell. More – shudder – liberal scrupulous skippers, meanwhile believe in the sanctity of homosexuality. Schori, of course, counts herself among the latter. Though a number of conservatives have spoken out against her attendance – she is, after all, a woman: a sinful breed who are incapable of operating on the same level as men- , the church will go on, Schori insists, albeit through a loyal attendant. The Globe and Mail reports:

“The spirit of Anglicanism will prevail here and there will be a middle way forward,” said Ms. Jefferts Schori’s aide, Robert Williams.

But he said she “will not waver in her stand for justice and inclusion of all people in the body of Christ.”

The you have it, folks. Schori’s not playing. In fact, she’s so busy sharpening her scriptural claws that she can’t even fuck with the press. She’ll lose her focus. And you know what happens if she loses her focus: apocalypse.