Kathy Griffin vs. Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken has been keeping quiet since his “I’m gay, but you already knew that” People magazine cover a couple months ago. And, according to Kathy Griffin, he’s being a little too quiet, especially after she tried to make nice with him (evidently he’s mad she referred to him as “Gayken” during her stand-up routine) backstage at Rosie O’Donnell’s failed variety show:

I held up one of those ghetto blasters playing one of Clay’s songs, and I begged him to take me back and he said no. And then I walked out of the room and Gloria Estefan said to me, ‘I told ya–you shouldn’t have gone in there alone.’

There were no words of thanks or even really any words at all, for that matter. I would have to say he was not very nice.