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Keith Olbermann Sums Up 2007

MSNBC newsman Keith Olbermann hosted a very special Countdown last night. Rather than counting down the days top news stories, the former sports reporter offered us a collection of his favorite “Oddball”moments (see example after the jump).

Before diving into the bizarre snatches of this human life, Olbermann offered this summation of the soon-to-be expired 2007:

2007 will be remembered as a year of dramatic contradictions. President Bush got a torrent of advice to leave Iraq, and decides instead to digs us in deeper. Bush sees his popularity plummet, while Al Gore wins an Oscar and a Noble Peace prize.

2007, also a year of scandal, from locked up Paris Hilton, to lock out Alberto Gonzales, as in never let him near the Justice Department ever again.

The year where Larry Craig’s toe-tap made headlines around the world. A scandal with such international import that German TV, the Germans were calling us to play our Larry Craig Dragnet spoof on their newscasts.

That’s what says it all about this bizarre year.