Ladies First: New Music From Goldfrapp, Madonna, Roisin Murphy


Out in front of Goldfrapp’s upcoming best-of album, The Singles, comes the video for one of the few new tracks on the compilation, “Yellow Halo.” Shot entirely on an iPhone while the singer was on tour in South America, the video has that gorgeous, damaged 8mm look. (Gotta love those fake iPhone effects).

It’s wistful and probably a bit nostalgic, which pairs perfectly with the song. If there were still raves with chill-out rooms, this would be the song I’d want to hear at 7am. Just let it wash over you!


NEXT: Madonna‘s new “Masterpiece”

While gay bars are already playing that leaked version of “Give Me All Your Love,” yet another Madonna track has leaked. (Seriously, this shit has to be planned, right?) Already a Golden Globe nominee, “Masterpiece” comes from the soundtrack to the Big M’s latest directorial effort, W.E., and it’s a world away from “Give Me All Your Love.” (Madge’s people have been pulling the song off YouTube all week, but Perez Hilton still has it on his site if you wanna give it a listen.)

“Masterpiece,” in case you were wondering, is the kind of music I’d like to see Madonna making rather than the desperate fluff she seems bent on churning out. It may not be perfect, but it just seems—I don’t know—less embarrassing!

NEXT: Roisin Murphy gets stimulated


Roisin Murphy hasn’t had a new album out since 2008’s Overpowered, due, presumably to pregnancy and issues with her record label, EMI. But that hasn’t stopped the Irish singer from releasing a couple of stellar singles over the past few years, first “Orally Fixated” in 2009, then “Mamma’s Place” in 2010. Now here we are, nearing the end of 2011, and while there still doesn’t seem to be any word from Murphy about when she might get around to dropping her third album, a new song, “Simulation,” has found its way onto the Internet.

Murphy called “Simulation” a “big, sexy song”—and big is right: At over nine minutes, it’s a beast of a track, with a late-night, extended dance edit kind of feel. Murphy’s not throwing any curve balls here; “Simulation” stays true to her funky, fuzzy ’90s house vibe without sounding like something we’ve all heard a million times before.

And speaking of revisiting that sort of early 90s sound, Toronto’s Azari & III are well worth checking out. Their self-titled debut will see a U.S. release in January. Until then, get into their single “Reckless (With Your Love).”