Lambda Legal Turns The “Sh*t People Say” Meme On Its Head

Though the “Sh•t Girls Say” meme has exploded into a million spinoffs—most of which are pale imitations—Lambda Legal has takes a stand against somethin serious with their novel spin on the genre, “Sh•t Homophobic People Say.” No actors necessary, either—just clips of some of your favorite homophobes—Ann Coulter, Tony Perkins, Rick Santorum et al—spouting the homophobic sh*t they’re paid handsomely to regurgitate.

Source: Lambda Legal

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  • AFruit4Thought

    Aw…Ann Coulter. I don’t even have the words.

  • Marie Cohn

    Amongst all them all, Marcus Bachmann is gayer than a Disney cow.

    And Victoria Jackson is a sow.

  • Gary Indiana

    1. The dumpy chick doing a shitty Minnie Mouse impersonation is obviously not an expert genius.

    2. I suspect that Ann Coulter’s entire life has been a performance art piece.

  • Daez

    Anne Coulter has gotten so cliche now that all you can actually do when she speaks is laugh. She is the stand up comedian of the right.

    Its kind of sad how Victoria Jackson is such a homophobe after making so much money off of the gay community. Its almost like shes pissed off at the gays because shes now irrelevant.

  • Tyson

    As a Cal grad, I was shocked to see a Cal professor (Peter Duesberg) listed as saying HIV was invented to get research money for AIDS. So I went online to see what he actually says.

    Looking at summaries of his research papers online, he hypothesizes from an analysis of AIDS research that AIDS is caused by:
    1) long-term, heavy-duty recreational drug use – cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, and nitrite inhalants; 2) antiretroviral drugs doctors prescribe to people who are HIV positive – DNA chain terminators, like AZT, and protease inhibitors; and 3) malnutrition and bad water, which is the cause of “AIDS” in Africa.

    Is he crazy, wrong, or something else? I am not a molecular biologist thus I have no knowledge of how to understand his research. But I wonder why, if he really is a homophobic scientist out on the fringe, employed at one of the most gay positive universities in the world, the veritable Rainbow University that is UC Berkeley.

  • GingerChickie

    As a [mostly] straight woman with a plethora of love and friends & family who are gay, lesbian, transgender, this is just so sad, but so funny. I just don’t understand why people can let people live their own lives, love who they choose, and have someone be happy and accepted. Sigh. I just want people to let go and love.

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