Lance and Reichen Over and Out Yet Again?

Oy vey, we can hardly keep track of all the feckless ups and downs of Lance Bass and (just) Reichen‘s fascinating relationship. Seriously, they’re like a couple of high schoolers.

Just one day after taking a trip down the slopes with Justin Timberlake, looking like the picture of homo-bliss, it seems the boys are on the outs. Page Six reports:

Lance Bass is coping badly with Internet rumors of his on-again-off-again boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl’s cheating ways. The boy-bander showed up to Heineken’s party at Sundance Monday night “with a bunch of friends” said a spy, but “Rei chen was nowhere in sight.” Another partygoer wit nessed “a very upset” Bass knocking down a stanchion outside the club. Bass was evidently too upset to join the celebs stampeding for swag.

Too distraught for free goodies? Damn, we’ve never felt more sorry for Bass than we do at this very moment. Although, we’ve never really felt sorry for Bass, so we’re not breaking any precedent. We do have to say, however, that we think he could do better. Sure, he’s not the most stunning man in the world, but neither are you. Hey, you guys have something in common. Maybe you should call him and provide an absorbent shoulder?