Lance and Reichen Over and Out Yet Again?

Oy vey, we can hardly keep track of all the feckless ups and downs of Lance Bass and (just) Reichen‘s fascinating relationship. Seriously, they’re like a couple of high schoolers.

Just one day after taking a trip down the slopes with Justin Timberlake, looking like the picture of homo-bliss, it seems the boys are on the outs. Page Six reports:

Lance Bass is coping badly with Internet rumors of his on-again-off-again boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl’s cheating ways. The boy-bander showed up to Heineken’s party at Sundance Monday night “with a bunch of friends” said a spy, but “Rei chen was nowhere in sight.” Another partygoer wit nessed “a very upset” Bass knocking down a stanchion outside the club. Bass was evidently too upset to join the celebs stampeding for swag.

Too distraught for free goodies? Damn, we’ve never felt more sorry for Bass than we do at this very moment. Although, we’ve never really felt sorry for Bass, so we’re not breaking any precedent. We do have to say, however, that we think he could do better. Sure, he’s not the most stunning man in the world, but neither are you. Hey, you guys have something in common. Maybe you should call him and provide an absorbent shoulder?

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  • anonymous

    The “Internet rumors” that sent Lance over the edge is actually the following item on Perez Hilton that was put up Monday afternoon:

    Not So Blind Item What gay celebrity [Reichen]that Perez hates had a foursome in Atlanta this past Friday night with Davis from the Real World and some other homos? This loser – whose boyfriend was skiing in Utah – has a real affinity for fellow reality TV whores!

  • anonymous

    Also: Reichen was in Atlanta on Fri night. And “Davis” from the Real World recently added Reichen as a myspace friend on his page.

    Still, it could be a bunch of bs.

  • jack e jett

    okay, that’s it.

    i think gay mass suicide is the only answer.
    if the winner of a reality show and a former boy band member/HRC activist of the year,
    can not make their marriage work, then we are all sunk.

    fuck, i hate starting my day with suicide.

    jack jett

  • alex the sea turtle

    You say that Lance isn’t the most stunning looking man. Well I can say in all honesty he is hot in person. I don’t know why he looks so dorky in photos but everytime I see him around town or at the gym I think he is hot! I see photos and I think what a dork.

  • Leland

    Well, it is true that Reichen was in Atlanta pimping his book both Thursday, speaking at an Atlanta Executive Network meeting, and Friday at Outwrite bookstore, then going to Amsterdam for drinks, and to Wetbar for the after-party. The reality TV fame whore version of Scarlett O’Hara, interestingly enough unlike his “I’m just here to talk about my book” imprimatur when the book tour started last fall [remember his hissy fit on SF radio?], went out of his way to assure everyone everywhere that he and Lance were still as close as a millionaire boy singer top and his has-to-be-getting-pretty-stretched-out-by-now bottom [horse hung Chip; Charlie; Louis; The Lance, fill-in-the-blank] could be. And, predictably, all the Southern Belles wet themselves believing every word about that and how “tirelessly” he fights for gay rights. Put a bag over his head, like the guys at the Air Force Academy did, and they wouldn’t have noticed he was even in the room. Maybe the problems started at Sundance when Lance noticed Reichen was wearing underwear he’d never seen before. Perez proved long ago how much R likes to play dress up with other men’s clothes.

    But on to the real news: I’ve only been given official permission to share this with one other person so keep this just between you and me. While others cruelly criticize what APPEARS TO BE yet more endless pictures of Reichen endlessly playing through life, the ski trip was actually a top secret ruse so that Reichen could continue his tireless war on DADT. The guy between him & Lance in the gondola whose face was covered by a helmet? A senior official in the Bush Administration! All those gift bags R & L were seen scooping up the day before Lance’s hissy fit? Each one contained a coded message from the Secretary of Defense. All those red carpets? More code. For what we’re not certain, but word is that until some last minute snafu regarding checks clearing or maybe this latest alleged breakup, Bush was going to announce the end of DADT during his State of the Union last night; Lance was to sing “The Star Spangled Banner,” and the President, tears in his eyes, would tell the nation how much he personally wanted to thank Reichen, who was to sit between Laura and Condi, for his countless sacrifices and convincing our Commander in Chief that DADT was wrong, just wrong! Reichen would then stand and take his shirt off, after which he would immediately leave, accompanied by Bush’es personal Marine guards, to entertain the troops in Iraq, much like he did at the Academy. A special MASH STD clinic has already arrived.

  • matt

    what else is new? gays can’t just have one partner! they are to satisfy their cravings for sexual partners. diffrent ones!
    same with all sexes.

    i say, lance bass baby… call me and I’d do you day and night!

  • Perezers

    Reichen is a lil’ bitch – Lance is better knowing the truth anyway.

  • Jared

    I saw Davis leave WETbar in a limo with several friends of his in Atlanta. He was not with Reichen when he left. He was seen later on in the night at an after party without Reichen. this is all bullshit. Perez makes shit up

  • Jorge Florez

    I am sorry…you are wrong: Lance Bass is the most stunning man in the world right now…He can come and cry on my shoulder and even hump it any time!

  • canada

    well i have it on good authority , that reichen had to leave to keep an already made book appointment, so that’s why he wasn’t there, and lance was probably pissed at the fact that the media keeps sticking their noses in something that doesn’t concern them.

    this is crap,and it’s all thanks to that little slime Perez to cause trouble.

  • Roger

    I heard Reichen and Davis from Real World Denver were spotted hanging out at an Atlanta club WETbar and then seen leaving together

  • Lydia

    Yeah I know Davis Mallory from Real World and Reichen hooked it up. And we all know that it is entirely possible that their break up was due to this incident. It was first on Perez Hilton’s gossip website. Lance found out about it and starting questioning Reichen. Davis got in the middle and now they have ended things. Reichen is a cheat and he made Davis think it was more than a one night thing.

  • Rocky

    Well now… let’s see. Who do you think leaked this juicy tidbit to Perez, huhhhh? Any chance it was anyone actually in the room when all this sex was going on? NAH!! No way, Jose. You think it could be one of the two jealous bitches who WEREN’T invited into the room?? Probably. Grow a set people. Perez is the same little snot nosed, pimply faced kid you never paid attention to, that ran and told his momma that you touched him. We used to HATE those little queens!

    Reichen’s still trying to do some good out there folks!

    And of course NONE of you has ever partied a little too much and let that smaller brain do the thinking for you, huh?

  • Cassie

    uh that dude in the whatever hat u just said a couple posts ago, that was mr. justin timberlake

  • golden

    Reichen is the Star Jones of gaydom. The sheer transparency of his opportunism is stunning. I have no opinion about Lance Bass one way or the other but even the blind could see that Reichen is what the French call Les Mouches…a bee that flits from flower to flower wherever the smell is sweeter. Purchase a clue. This one is why buy when you can rent?

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