Lesbin Soceer Mam Aproches San Fransisko


Dear Queerty,

Lesbian Soccer Mom walker here. You all are quite the queers, and I’m so proud you’ve kept up with me. (Ed. note: Read here and here.) Though I’m disappointed –Dan said I’d get 20 calls a day. But I get understand. You’re bloggers. You get IV’s for nutrition so you don’t have to leave the keyboard.

One teensy thing –literally. There’s a teensy little “c” between the “S” and the “h” in my last name. You’re not the first to drop it.

Ok, ya’ll owe me 19 calls and I only have 17 days left! Then I lead Marriage Equality USA’s march across the Golden Gate bridge on June 3. Oooooooooo…now you’re curious. (GO to www.marriagequalityusa.org for info on “Bridge the Gap to Marriage Equality” if you haven’t already!)

Keep up the excellent blogging. (I love that word. It feels like you’re saying something naughty everytime! Don’t quote me on that! We single lesbian soccer moms of 4 have to get our kicks somehow!)

Seriously, thanks for keeping my story on the site!

Jennifer S “c” humaker

Typos? Us? Never. Although it’s not entirely our fault; loading a page on Moveable Type takes FUCKING FOREVER, especially when you have a customized site like ours. So once it’s loaded once, going back to fix something is a major undertaking. So the mistakes stay. Don’t use Moveable Type, it looks good but using it is a nightmare. If you’re not a tech geek you don’t care about anything in this paragraph. Anyway–

We’re not publishing this letter to glorify our typing inadequicies (is that how you spell that word?). We’re more interested in her participation in the March For Marriage Equality, an event we support 100%. It’s especially poignant in the state of California: the State Legislature voted to legalize gay marriage, but Governor Schwartzeneger (if that’s spelled right it’s a miracle) vetoed the bill. Jerk.

We can’t believe Jennifer has made it so far on her walk, after starting her walk in San Diego. And we’re so pleased her feet are still in one piece. We’re also so proud of her for devising quite the interesting method of political action. Protestors can be really boring sometimes, with the parades and the signs and the angry faces. Why not put some thought into it? If you’re in San Francisco, DEFINITELY sign up for the March For Marriage Equality–they’re marching across both the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate, as we understand. Even if you don’t want to get married, and play into the heterosexist institution etc. etc. etc., perhaps you can support the option that someone else might want to do it someday. We all need to accept the fact that our agendas will differ, but the end goal of equality is the same. Why not help out the greater good?