Lezzie Guard Given Boot

The powers that be at Marian High School have canned their campus safety office, Charlene Genther, after four years. Why? Because her lesbianic ways “did not go along with teachings of the Catholic Church.”

Shit, what does go with the teachings of the Catholic Church these days?

So, how did the school find out Genther’s a muff diver? Well, Genther never kept it a secret. In fact, she and her partner have been attending school events for four years. The problem arose as Genther was promoting her new autobiography, Badge 3483: A True Story, in which she details her years as a female police officer. Though school officials read the transcript years ago, they’ve just now decided to let Genther go.

Hmmm, this all sounds a bit shady: the school that Genther liked labia, but waited four years to give her the ol’ heave-ho? We imagine that school officials got pressured into it.

Regardless, it sucks, but at least it makes great publicity for her book.