LISTEN: Brad Goreski Dishes On Rachel Zoe Rift And Gays On TV

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Episode 83: A Reality, Reality World


On this week’s podcast, sexy stylist Brad Goreski pops in to discuss his new show, It’s a Brad, Brad World, but Dave and Ben get him to talk openly about the alleged feud between him and former boss (and fellow Bravo star) Rachel Zoe. “I didn’t watch this past season of The Rachel Zoe Project just because I had lived it and I kind of know what happens,” he says “But you’ll see my response to what she accused me of. All I’ll say right now is that it’s just not what happened. I really am grateful for the time I got to spend with her and it’s unfortunate.”

Also this episode: A-List: Dallas star Levi Crocker reveals he, like everyone else, was basically disgusted Taylor broke bread with she-devil Ann Coulter. And what’s this about his dislike of NYC gay-cowboy saloon Flaming Saddles?

Tune in and catch all this and more!


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