Loaded Gunn

Tim Gunn

If you’re like us, and we know you are, you watch Project Runway religiously. And one reason you watch (besides Michael Kors’ sometimes funny quips) is because of Parson’s School of Design’s Tim Gunn. Out has a great and revealing interview with everyone’s favorite den mother.

And, surprisingly, he gets catty when asked who he was happy to see go:

I’ll use Daniel Franco as an example. Lord, this past week I have found out I’ve developed an allergy to the guy. There was no way he was going to stay the course of season two. Absolutely no way. He doesn’t understand a deadline. He is incredibly annoying to be around. He’s the one person who never, ever forgot there was a camera around. So I was thrilled he left the way he left. […] The other person from season two who I was not only perfectly happy to see go, I would have arranged for a car service to get her out of there, was Zulema. Oh, my God.

Rwwwww! Who knew the buttoned-up Gunn could let it rip like that. We do have one question for Gunn of our own. Who does your suits? We have to know because the man is stylin’.

Project Runway’s Big Gunn [Out.com]