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Local Marylander Explains The Joy He Feels After Seeing Gay Marriage Bill Die

After effectively killing the chances of a same-sex marriage bill moving through the House and onto Gov. Martin O’Malley’s desk, the state has at least one very happy resident. His name is Michael Simas, and he couldn’t resist writing into his local newspaper, the Carroll County Times, to express his relief.

I applaud the Maryland House for standing up for what is undeniably right and opposing gay marriage.

The gay marriage proponents based their beliefs on what I consider two lies that they repeat over and over, the first being that individuals currently living the homosexual lifestyle are born that way and have no choice, which I believe is false because as of the writing of this letter no factual evidence has ever been found producing the definitive genetic link of gay at birth, despite untold millions and time poured into finding such link. The gay lobby repeats this lie often enough that most people just accept it.

The second lie is that they do not have equal rights. Sure they do. They have the same inalienable rights that every other American is born with. They have the right to marry, provided it’s with someone of the opposite sex. What they seek is to have the law changed based upon the lifestyle choice they made. If that’s the case I have a lifestyle that would be easier if I didn’t have to pay taxes. I’d like those laws changed.

Really when you boil it all down, it is my personal belief that gays don’t really want to be married, they want their lifestyle choice normalized, and marriage is just the vehicle they are driving to get there. Only there is nowhere to park that vehicle.

Michael Simas, Westminster

Yeah, all you demonstrators are really just yearning to listen to yourselves speak, not walk down the aisle.