Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Great: Christopher Kane

With the Demmies back on top, a new internet boom and Roxy’s miraculous revival, it’s almost like it’s the early nineties again! What a perfect time, then, for JC Report‘s attractive homo-journo fashionista, Robert Cordero to sit down with fashion upped-and-camer, Christopher Kane! Actually, to be fair, the piece came out last week and we got distracted by their bit on men’s Parisian bits.
Though he’s only just graduated from London’s Central St. Martin’s legendary fashion program, Kane’s already garnered lauds for his 90s-esque style. The 25-year wunderkind’s even drawing comparisons to slain fashion icon, Giannia Versace, whose bold colors and designs helped shape 90s style. Not surprisingly, then, Kane’s been taken under the wing of Gianni’s sister, Donatella.

JCR: Tell us about your involvement with Donatella Versace.

CK: Donatella got in touch with me when I was still at Central St. Martins finishing off my MA. She loved my work and offered me some projects. Working at Versace has always been a dream. I am so thankful for Donatella’s support, she is an amazing person.

So, how else can we be sure Kane will soon be a dominant force in the fashion scene?

Well, why not head over to Cordero’s interview and read for yourself? A little fresh air will do you good.