Make A Racket

20051114_andy roddick.jpg

We like tennis. Well, we like watching it more than playing. All those sweaty guys running around grunting. We also couldn’t be more supportive of the WTA using male models in next year’s tournament in Madrid. Nice eye candy.

But if you want to actually play the sport, we say go for it. It’s a better workout than blogging any day. The Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance has the skinny on finding a homo tennis club close to you.

Tennis is a very demanding sport but one that will definitely help bulge out those muscles. Plus you get abs like Andy Roddick’s without having to strain yourself with crunches all day long. Joint injuries are be common, what with so many starts and stops – sort of like Mariah Carey’s career.

If you’re going to play, you need to dress the part. You’ll get all you need here. And please, don’t order the extra small sized shorts. You’re not working the catwalk.

Pick up a racket and get your ass on the court. You probably play with your own racket too much anyway.