forbidden love?

Man wonders if it’s inappropriate for him to lust over recently deceased celebrities

A man says he recently started fantasizing about actor from the early 2000s who has since passed away, and he isn’t sure if that’s appropriate or not, so he’s seeking advice from Rich Juzwiak over at Slate.

“What are the ethics of fantasizing about dead celebrities when masturbating?” the letter begins.

What an intro!

The man continues, “I recently rewatched a film from the early 2000s starring someone who has sadly since passed away, and they played a character I found very charming the first time I watched the film and all the more so the second time around.”

“The character later popped up in my thoughts during a self-love session, but I felt a little weird about it, since the person who portrayed them is dead!”

OK, now we’re curious who the actor is. Unfortunately, the man doesn’t say. But he does admit that he has “a lot of anxiety surrounding the concept of death” and even suffers from PTSD from a lost he suffered “in an especially traumatic way.”

“So it may just be that I’m overthinking this,” he says. “But is it OK to fantasize about characters played by actors who have since left us? What about the actors themselves?”

In his response, Juzwiak assures the man that he doesn’t need to worry about it and that masturbating to a dead person is totally fine.

“It’s OK to fantasize about dead celebrities because it’s OK to fantasize, period,” he writes. “Your experience illustrates the reflexive nature of fantasy: The actor popped up in your head. You didn’t conjure them. It just happened, and you went with it.”

Not to mention, Juzwiak says, it’s not like the guy is “fantasizing about banging a corpse.” Then it might be a problem.

“In all likelihood, part of this actor’s job was to be sexually appealing,” Juzwiak explains, “so by getting off to them, you’re honoring their legacy … in a way.”

This is especially true for adult film stars, he adds.

“This comes up when a porn performer dies and sites like Str8UpGayPorn post professional pictures of happier times that inevitably involve erections and penetration of this now fallen star,” he writes.

“I’m sure some people recoil, but undoubtedly plenty do what they always did to that guy’s naked pictures and rub one out. In that instance it’s very easy to tuck your chin and tumble into the assumption that it’s what they would have wanted. Might as well. You’re fine.”

What are your thoughts about lusting over people who are recently deceased? Sound off in the comments section below…

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