Memories Pizza Accidentally Caters Gay Wedding, Owners Damned To Hell

memories-pizza-ownersWho can forget Memories Pizza, the Christian-run eatery in Indiana whose owners went on their local news station back in June to declare they absolutely, positively would not cater any gay weddings then launched a GoFundMe campaign and raised almost $1 million in donations?

Well, unbeknownst to them, they just catered a gay wedding. Hahahaha. And now they’re probably going to hell. Unless, of course, they pull a Kim Davis, repent, and get “washed clean” of their sin.

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Here’s what happened: Chicago-resident Robin Trevino drove all the way from Chicago to the town of Walkerton, IN, with the intention of ordering two large pizzas from the pie shop. In an undercover video, he walks up to the counter and orders the pizzas directly from conservative media darling and Memories Pizza co-owner Crystal O’Connor herself. After leaving the restaurant, Trevino froze the pizzas and brought them back to Chicago, where he and his husband served them after their wedding ceremony on September 26.

See it all unfold in the video below.