Suspects Allegedly Yucked It Up While Sandy Fought For His Life

Michael Sandy Killers Joked About Anti-Gay Murder?

The trial against Michael Sandy’s alleged killers continues here in New York. Four youths are accused of using a gay cruising site to lure Sandy to Brooklyn’s Belt Parkway, where they allegedly attempted to rob him. Sandy ran into traffic, where he was struck by a car. The 29-year old sustained serious injuries and his family had to take him off of life support. Not funny, right?

Well, one of the suspects – 17-year old Gary Timmins – told the court he and his disgusting chums had a laugh at poor Sandy’s expense:

Some of the young men now accused of killing him gathered in an apartment and read newspaper accounts of the attack, the youngest one told investigators. In street slang referring to murder, the oldest one joked, “So, do you want to catch a body today?”

The youngest of the quartet, Timmins struck a deal with prosecutors. He pleaded guilty to robbery as a hate crime and now he’s testifying against three others: Anthony Fortunato, Ilya Shurov and John Fox. Fox previously told the court that he and Shurov had a rest after the attack. Murder’s tiring work.

The men all face hate crime murder charges.