Michelle Malkin: “The Gay-Marriage Mob” Slandered Sweetheart Manny Pacquiao

Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is guilty—of being true to his Catholic faith. The gay-marriage mob is guilty—of the very ugly bigotry it claims to abhor. And left-wing media outlets are guilty — of stoking false narratives that shamelessly demonize religion in the name of compassion.

The attempted crucifixion of Pacquiao this week was fueled by an online army of cultural shakedown artists, generously funded by billionaire George Soros and other so-called progressive philanthropists…

On Tuesday, a freelance writer for the published an interview with Pacquiao conducted at his Los Angeles residence. Journalist Granville Ampong asked the pugilist his views on gay marriage in light of President Obama’s flip-flop-flip on the issue.

‘God’s words first,’ Pacquiao said. ‘Obey God’s law first before considering the laws of man.’

After suggesting that Obama should consult the Bible as his ‘manual for life,’ Pacquiao added in earnest: “It should not be of the same sex so as to adulterate the altar of matrimony, like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah of Old.’

The interview then included a scriptural reference to Leviticus 20:13, which states: “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

Publications including USA Today, LA Weekly and Village Voice all ran outraged pieces on Pacquiao’s ‘homophobic’ calls for violence. But it was the interviewer, not Pacquiao, who made the citation. Ampong demanded apologies on behalf of Pacquiao. Feckless professional journalists blamed Ampong for their own biased reading and then grudgingly ‘clarified’ the truth in buried updates

This bigoted anti-bigot brigade mimics a wave of similar campaigns against both social and fiscal heretics who refuse to conform to ‘progressive’ values. Targets include Rush Limbaugh, the American Legislative Exchange Council, Mitt Romney donors, Wisconsin’s union-reforming governor, lieutenant governor and GOP state legislators, Catholic health care providers, and now black church leaders and boxers who dare to state their religious views publicly.

Let this be a teachable moment on pernicious “community organizing” and brazen liberal hypocrisy. There is nothing more intolerant and chilling than the self-appointed, self-unaware tolerance police.”

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin in a syndicated column about Manny Pacquiao.

Question: Whether he quoted Leviticus or not, if Pacquiao suggested Obama consult the Bible in regards to homosexuality, doesn’t that mean he’s endorsing the Bible passages that address homosexuality?

Photo: David All

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  • George

    “doesn’t that mean he’s endorsing the Bible passages that address homosexuality?”

    Maybe but not all passages that address homosexuality call for the death penalty (particularly in the New Testament) or any specific penalty at all

  • Mike

    I hate her. She sure loves to remember her Asian roots when it’s important to make a bigoted point, otherwise she’d rather pretend to be white. Horribly repugnant piece of trash, she is.

  • Me

    This coming from a man, excuse me, A CHRISTIAN, who makes a living beating up other people. The biblical ignorance and blatant hypocrisy is overwhelming.

  • Axel Rod

    Who cares what this bigoted twat thinks? She’s just another GOP robot mouthpiece with no brain of her own.

  • Alex

    A Christian, endorsing bible passages? How is that possible?

  • Alex Sarmiento

    As a Filipino-American, I am offended by what Manny Pacquiao and Michelle Malkin said. As offensive and as hypocritical as Manny’s comments were (from what I heard, his extracurricular activities would merit the same Biblical punishments), Michelle’s are especially harsh because this woman, born and raised in the USA, where she has had more educational and life opportunities than Manny ever did, is an absolute bitch who should know better.

  • LaTeesha

    Ms. Malkin is a joke. It’s amusing that she’s on the editorial board for the Colorado Springs Gazette, a paper owned by Freedom Communications – a newspaper company that prizes economic freedom, yet declared bankruptcy, stiffing creditors and employees who had won a judgment against the company.

  • MarkG

    @Me: Does he even know that the portion he is quoting ..Leviticus also states in 19:38 Leviticus – Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD…

    I guess he glossed over that part when he got all his tatts done…

  • Fitz

    The only thing I want to hear from her is that my laundry is ready.

  • Oh, ok

    @Mike: You’ve never met a bigoted Asian who wants to be white before?

  • cam

    Funny how bigotry is apparently ok, if you can B.S. and say that it’s because of your religion, but of course wanting rights because you believe in civil rights makes you a bully blah blah blah.

    Funny how Anti-American these phony patriots like Malkin are.

  • Ty

    Dear Ms. Malkin,

    You are no Margaret Cho.

  • Belize

    What this whole “event” has unearthed is not how “bigoted” the liberals and pro-gays are but simply how its opponents have actually mustered up the temerity to claim that they are now the ones being persecuted.

    You people should see conservative Filipino websites. It’s a laugh trip, for sure. There are a lot of people who state that Pacquiao should not be criticized for his opinion because it is his right to free speech. Brushing aside the glaring reality (that if Pacquiao has the right to give an opinion then so do we) these are the same people who claimed that artist Mideo Cruz should not be allowed to criticize the Catholic faith.

    These delusional grandeur are what turns me off of Catholics and bigots in general; they seem to think that the book written by a bunch of mentally deranged men is a law that should govern the entirety of the human race even though not everyone is stupid enough to believe their doctrine. It would be laughable if not infuriating. And it is only infuriating because they actually have the temerity to lord their flimsy beliefs over our rights as human beings.


  • Tadpolicus Wex

    Hey Ty,

    I LOVE Margaret Cho – she’d use this sorry old rag as tampon and throw her ass in the trash afterwards!

  • misael

    If i did’nt know that this was written by Michelle, the article would’ve lost me anyway, when she said Rush was a target. Hey michelle, how about that pastor that wants all gays to be imprisoned in a wire gate, sorta of like Hitler did. Are you going to defend him as well.

  • Sozo


    With that kind of racism, you might as well vote GOP this fall. You’re not needed.

  • Sozo

    And another thing: She is horrible. Truly one of the right’s most repugnant trolls. If she had to actually make a career for herself outside of the wingnut welfare system, she’d be begging for the government programs and protections she and her ilk claim are destroying America.

    Plus, she’s an anchor baby who supports a party who’d deport her. Loser.

  • Max

    Imagine in the 1950s a prominent southerner making a statement like the following:

    “Black people just shouldn’t be in our nation’s white schools–they are historically more likely to sexually assault our young women.”

    Then, imagine someone in the North calling out the bigotry in the statement. Now, imagine the conservative South claiming that the North had undermined its own principle of tolerance.

    Tolerance is a concept, not a schoolyard principle to be applied semantically and inanely by Michelle Malkin. To support tolerance broadly does not mean to support tolerance for views that are clearly counter to tolerance. It is not any more hypocritically for the left to jump on anti-gay comments, however Biblically oriented, than for abolitionists to call out Southerners who used the Bible to justify slavery. It is no less inane than saying that a man who is being held captive by a murderer is a hypocrite for asking for his freedom–the murderer responds “but isn’t it my freedom that would be violated were you released–my freedom to keep you hostage?”

  • Robert Abrami

    I really don’t know him or her but enough with this “I am a Catholic” bullshit. I had 16 years of Catholic education and loved it but I was taught that God loved ALL of his creations. Let the guy keep fighting and her writing right-wing bullshit. Don’t forget to vote for Mitt Michelle. Oh yes, you too Manny.

  • Mark

    Manny – I’m not a christian therefore your book has no bearing on me or my life. This is a country based up on secular law; not one based on theocracy or better known as sharia law. Don’t like it? Leave!

  • randy

    @Mike: I agree. I’ve known women just like her — they are always getting up to middle age and are single. They are so filled with rage and hate they can’t think straight, and she is exactly like that. Using over the top inflammatory words (he was crucified? REally?) shows that she isn’t to be taken seriously.

  • skzip888

    This is a woman who also defended the mass-internment of American civilians during World War II; Human Rights are not her thing.

  • Cam

    Is this a joke?! I commented that this woman defended the internment of Japanese American’s and said that if anybody was r-a-c-i-s-t it was her and my comment is awaiting moderation.

  • tjr101

    Ugh, Michelle Malkin is one vile bitch, right up there with the “female” with the adams apple Ann Coulter.

  • Thomathy

    Contemptible lies from a liar for Jesus. When people like Pacquiao quote the Bible, we’re all supposed to listen thoughtfully and nod in agreement and respect their deeply held beliefs. When certain other people go on to quote the Bible, expanding upon the disturbingly clear verses of books like Leviticus, they’re the bigots. When certain people question the bigoted beliefs of people like Pacquiao, they’re the bigoted anti-bigots.

    Religion is the mind killer; religion poisons everything.

  • Pooka

    I mean…who would take her seriously to begin with?

    Michelle Malkin said “I’m not Asian, I’m American” & her stance on immigration is hypocritical to her own situation. Your parents fundamentally did the same thing you’re so against. You’re so AZNNNNNNN (^_-)V AZN 4 LYFE!

    So for anyone to taker her seriously knowing how delusional she is, is probably just as messed up in the head.

    I think she’s secretly embarrassed of her ethnicity and her roots, which she really shouldn’t be.

  • Pooka


    take* not taker

    lmao whoops my Asian came out for a second. Bahahahaha.

  • John

    Maggie, Ann, Sarah, & co. seem to be finally receding. PLEASE do not recycle this idiot!

  • Jakey

    “Everyone but the far right fringe is the worst person on the planet, and also in a conspiracy. Soros.”

    -every Michelle Malkin column EVER. She really needs to learn a new song.

  • Evji108

    Oh boo-hoo, you poor twisted Biatch!

  • Honey

    Holier than thou

  • Thomas J. Coleman

    Well, “maybe” — but I wouldn’t bet the ranch (or my life) on it, would you? As David Geffen was reportedly overheard to say: “What are you . . . stupid?”

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