Michigan Gay Center Cuts Jobs, Salaries

Affirmations, the community center for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people based in Ferndale, MI is cutting its staff and operating hours effective Jan. 1 because of a decrease in donations to the non-profit. “Fund-raising has been down the last six months and in my 26 years working for non-profit organizations, this has been the slowest year-end campaign I have ever seen,” Chief Executive Officer Leslie Thompson said. “December is typically the month Affirmations receives the most in donations during the year. Unless giving patterns change quickly, more cuts may come in 2009.” Six part-time and one full-time staff member will be laid off from Affirmations’ staff of 25, and senior and management staff will take a 10-percent pay cut. An additional $40,000 has been cut in overhead and operating costs.[Mirror]