long shot

Minnesota! We’re Doomed.

It’s all hands-on-deck time in Minnesota! The House is voting on a proposed anti-gay marriage law, and LGBT groups have called an emergency rally at 10am at the Capitol.

If it passes the House, it goes to voters in 2012. Surveys show a majority of Minnesotans oppose the marriage ban, but surveys don’t vote; people do. And people are crazy! So there’s really no telling what’ll happen if the law passes the House.

So, does Outfront Minnesota have any chance of stopping the ban? Wellllll … maybe. If you cross your fingers and knock on wood really really hard. Nothing’s impossible!

The House is controlled by Republicans, so our chances aren’t great. But some Republicans have broken ranks: Tim Kelley and John Kriesel voted no when the bill was in the Rules Committee, so they might be able to persuade their colleagues to join them. They might also be the King of France.

But who knows, a little constituent pressure couldn’t hurt. If you live in Minnesota, here’s the Representatives who need to hear from you:

Albert Lea – Rep. Rich Murray (27A) 651-296-8216
Apple Valley – Rep. Patti Fritz (26B) 651-296-8237
Blaine – Rep. Tim Sanders (51A) 651-296-4226
Champlin – Rep. Denise Dittrich (47A) 651-296-5513
Eden Prarie – Rep. Jenifer Loon (42B) 651-296-7449
Hastings – Rep. Denny McNamara (57B) 651-296-3135
Mankato – Rep. Rod Hamilton (22B) 651-296-5373
Mound – Rep. Steve Smith (33A) 651-296-9188
Saint Cloud – Rep. King Banaian (15B) 651-296-6612
Woodbury – Rep. Andrea Kieffer (56B) 651-296-1147
The Iron Range – Rep. David Dill (06A) 651-296-2190