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  • Mike Fourth

    This is low. Even for the gay community.

  • Blaine Ward

    @Mike Fourth: An I bet you’ll be the first one to buy it, Mr. Hypocrite!

  • Blaine Ward

    @Mike Fourth: And I bet you’ll be the first one to buy it, Mr. Hypocrite!

  • L.

    @Mike Fourth: A little bit of exegesis for you:

    Saying “this is xxx, even for yyy”, implies that we naturally and habitually expect xxx from yyy.

    So you naturally and habitually expect lows from the gay community. Why, thanks.

  • Jeffree

    Gee, when’s the version with twin ladies coming to my local video emporium? Kinda less shocking somehow, eh what?

    [cue: Jason will enter soon to comment]

  • Fitz

    I honestly don’t want to fuck my brother, or watch you fuck yours.

  • Arkano18

    “this is low. Even for gay community”…

    WTF is that supposed to mean?

  • concernedcitizen

    @Mike Fourth: “this is low even for the gay community” QUIT perpetuating stereotypes, straight porno’s and porn stars are just as gross and raunchy as some gay porno’s its NOT EXCLUSIVE to any one sexuality or demographic!!! Just take a look at some of the crap that’s popular among straight sites and you’ll quickly learn…
    It’s bad enough when others try and shape our community as sexual deviants its even worse when we promulgate it ourselves!!!!

  • Cam

    @Mike Fourth: said…

    No. 1 · Mike Fourth
    This is low. Even for the gay community.

    EVEN for the gay community? Excuse me but let me point out two things for you….

    1. There are laws in most states that prevent brothers and sisters from marrying each other. They didn’t pass those laws because GAY siblings were the ones doing it…remember, we can’t get married.

    2. How many movies, or TV shows have we seen where some guy is talking about how he wants to sleep with twin sisters, how he nailed sisters, nailed a mother and a daughter etc… Um…did you think that there is a wall in the room and the two sisters never saw each other or interacted? So since the gay community is apparently the only one you consider to be so “Low” for things like this to occur, please explain to me just how those two twin sisters are supposed to sleep with the same guy at the same time without being in the same situation or place.

    What a fool you are.

  • DR

    This is wrong on so many levels. Hopefully it won’t get too well-stocked since incest is illegal in a lot of states.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    All porn is becoming extreme, straight, gay, or bisexual. It all seems to contain simulated (?) rape, extreme bukkake, urine, family stuff, fisting; nothing really “normal” anymore. And I include the amateur stuff on Xtube; it’s all way out there now. Try finding one that just features two people having regular sex. I guess people become desensitized and they have to find more extreme ways to turn us on and maybe I’m getting real old here but I do sometimes wonder where all this is headed? Is there some threshold they won’t cross, ’cause it doesn’t seem like there is (I wonder somewhat hypocritically as I watch my gay Japanese bukakke with one hundred guys and one face.)

  • concernedcitizen

    @james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge: I totally agree and have as of recently given up on watching porn!!! I realized how much it does desensitize (at least I’ll speak for myself) and makes real life sex less enjoyable…
    To me, intimacy with an actual real partner is 30,000 times better than any of the fantasy the porn provides so for that reason NO MORE PORN in my house. But I don’t judge others for their use : )

  • Hilarious

    Not my thing, but it’s not hurting anybody.

    The main argument against straight incest is that they can have a baby and that baby has a very high probability of being born with birth defects.

    These two can’t make a baby, so the main argument is out the window.

    While it turns my stomach personally, I wouldn’t harp on anyone for watching this to get off. Doesn’t hurt me or them.

  • dvlaries

    There is such a thing as too much porn. After a while, it can all get to look like two Brillo pads fighting over a sausage.

    David Vitter is still a senator and likely will remain one, Larry Craig wasn’t shamed into resigning, Ted Haggard still has a following, and Mel Gibson’s next movie will make some money. In such company, a porn movie of twins fucking each other could almost seem late getting here.

  • AlanInS.L.UT

    If you want to compare extremes from gay porn to other types… simply google “2 girls, 1 cup” and see what extreme can be.

  • concernedcitizen

    @AlanInS.L.UT: @AlanInS.L.UT: I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING when I first read Mike Fourth’s comments tho I didn’t want to admit that I watched it lol!!!

  • Mike Fourth

    Next time I will keep my opinion to myself. but so far I have 6 thumbs up.

  • Blaine Ward

    @Mike Fourth: And 25 thumbs down!

  • B

    No. 8 · concernedcitizen wrote, ”

    @Mike Fourth: “this is low even for the gay community” QUIT perpetuating stereotypes ,… It’s bad enough when others try and shape our community as sexual deviants its even worse when we promulgate it ourselves!!!!”

    Given Mike Fourth’s statement, why would you assume he is gay?
    Maybe he’s a fundie monitoring this web site, for all we know.

    Now, you can see some strange things, at least in San Francisco, like the 3 or 4 guys who were sitting on the benches in the new mini-park at the intersection of Castro and Market Streets, completely nude, adjacent to a long line of average people (who ignored the naked guys) going to the Castro Theater to see the Silent Film Festival. Now these naked guys were probably gay (and definitely not gym bunnies), but you’ll see a few naked runners in the Bay to Breakers race, and that is not a gay event. It’s just San Francisco – gay or straight, you have a some very bizarre but harmless people, which is one of the things that gives the city its charm.

  • concernedcitizen

    @B: I see your point but I’ve actually seen him post before and his comments were that of (well I assumed someone who was gay). Really unless someone tells you straight out you shouldn’t assume someone on here is gay but its usually a safe bet! If not their just too deep in the closet to admit it because what honestly straight person patrols gay website basher or not their probably closeted gays who are homophobic to try and avoid what they really ARE!!!

  • Mike

    Brothers having sex is grosss. I did suck off my dad more than once after I sucked and swallowed him at the local gloryhole and we passed in the parking lot as we drove by each other leaving. My ass was filled with daddy dick for most of my teen years. Still makes me hard thinking of those days.

  • B

    No. 18 · @concernedcitizen : his phrase, “low even for the gay community” made him sound like an outside observer of some sort, but who knows?

    Fundamentalist Christians do check out gay web sites, merely to look for material to use. Here’s an example: (do not hold a cup containing hot liquids or anything that might stain your rug while reading this garbage).

  • Seaguy

    If you don’t like it then you don’t buy it. But what might not be your cup of tea does not mean it’s not someone elses. And last I checked American was a free country, and the Christian right has not taken over yet.

  • Cam


    Always nice to be visited by one of the fundamentalist Christians that troll this site. You used too many key words in your comment and totally gave away that it was fake. Nice try on making gays look bad though. Also, let Rev. Phelps know that he sets off everybodys gadar in a major way.

  • The Artist

    I’m all about PEACELUVNBINWILD, but I also believe in ground rules and this goes beyond spreading the luv. There are soooo many guys out there for the brothers to have fun with. Why each other? Marketing = Money This doesn’t make the “family” look 2 good.

  • L.

    @Mike Fourth: And W got 50.7% of the vote in ’04. Your point is?

  • Joey O'H

    Whatever! Next!

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    What? Its porn. To deny I watch and jerk off to porn is to lie, so why lie? I’ll most likely buy it if not rent it.

  • Julie

    Some of you people need to get over yourselves. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it or watch it. The fact that you’re hangiing around here talking about it makes me wonder.

    As for me – where can I buy it and when? Looks way hot to me!

    Different strokes for different folks, so move along, there’s nothing for you here, obviously.

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