Musical Notes: JJ Fad
As we ponder whether or not you, our darling readers, love us enough to vote for us, we can’t help but hear the JJ Fad echo, “Is It Love?”. To show you how much we love you, we’ve posted the video.

In case you’re not familiar, Just Jammin’ Fresh and Def were a lady rap trio from the late-80s backed by Dr. Dre and Yella from NWA. While their single “Supersonic” roared its way through the charts and garnered them a Grammy, the rest of their musical musings went largely unnoticed. Unfortunately, the girls (Juana Burns aka MC J.B., Dania Barks aka Baby-D and Michelle Franklin aka Sassy C.) broke up in 1992.

Thanks to the miracles of technology (and You Tube), their videos live on.

Oh, and is it just us, or is that a young Blair Underwood at the end caught spitting game?