May Be Booted From Broward's Tourism Board

Naugle Going Down?

The shit storm surrounding Jim Naugle just got a fresh gust. Fight OUT Loud just sent a long a press release informing us that Broward County’s Tourism Commission will vote tomorrow on whether they should boot Naugle from the board – a move the non-profit whole-heartedly supports:

Fight OUT Loud is pleased to support Commissioner Stacey Ritter’s plan to remove Naugle from the Broward County Tourism Development Council. This motion will be on the agenda for vote on Tuesday, August 28th. The move comes in response to Naugle’s continued attacks on the gay community. Commissioner Stacy Ritter said Naugle’s comments have been counter to the board’s mission and are cause to remove him before his term ends next spring.

Fight OUT Loud applauds Ritter and the County Commission for taking steps to remove Naugle from the Tourism Board, thereby giving him one less platform from which to spew dangerous misinformation and hate. Naugle is on a personal mission to demonize a large segment of the community he represents. By continuing his spread of lies and bigotry for his own personal satisfaction and agenda, Naugle has put the entire region at risk economically as well threatened the safety of LGBT citizens and visitors. He is putting the public at great risk by spreading misinformation about HIV/AIDS and other health issues. The mayor is also endangering the entire community by painting everyday citizens as depraved criminals and “abominations”, in the process encouraging hate and violence against them.

Once thought to be totally brainless, Naugle recently proved his political chops when he enlisted some holy roller friends to support his unholy mission.