Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka Sing “You’re the Top,” Call Adam Shankman a Bottom

Just when you thought Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka couldn’t get more adorable, the engaged duo went and performed an double-entendre-laden rendition of the Cole Porter classic “You’re the Top” at Sunday’s Trevor Live! benefit in Los Angeles. Of course, no number is complete without a little spoken-word dig. During a dance break, the dashing daddies riffed on sexual positions.

Burtka: You dance like a bottom!

NPH: I’ve been watching you. What’s a bottom even dance like, anyway?

Burtka: Have you seen Adam Shankman?

If they’re going to speculate about the preferences of famous gay men, that leaves the door open for us to ask: Who do you think is the top and the bottom in NPH and Burtka’s relationship?

We’re thinking that NPH is more of a bossy bottom with a thing for oral and Burtka is more of a submissive top with a fondness for assplay.

Not to get too explicit or anything.

Photo via Greg in Hollywood

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  • Bob

    Soooo cute!

  • Sam

    They already told Howard Stern: they’re versatile.

  • bagooka

    Adam MUST be a bottom.

  • mdthom

    I love these two.

  • Mr. E

    Too cute for words! <3

  • Ted

    I think they are actually kind of becoming annoying!

  • George412

    They are way past annoying.

  • Canover1

    Media junkies at this point.they could take a lesson from the hottest most talented gay actor who keeps his life private.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    “We’re thinking that NPH is more of a bossy bottom with a thing for oral and Burtka is more of a submissive top with a fondness for assplay.”

    Proof, we need proof. Photos, videotape, web-feed steaming-video …err, streaming-video.

  • Roger that

    LOL – no tops withe these two girlhood boys…

  • Jeff R

    NPH said on Howard Stern a few years back he is versatile.

  • Interesting

    @George412: Fame whore? NPH is an actor, and he’s performing. You aren’t making much sense. He’s not creating fake drama over his private life to get the press to notice him. He’s performing. I can understand if you just don’t like him as an actor, or whatever, but to call him a fame whore is strange.

  • Sanji

    Not sure why they still try and portray that perfect image with the cheating incident and the multiple kids With different partners everywhere.

  • Will (not wank)

    @Interesting: Your reply really couldn’t be any more slave-like.

    I wish NPH and his husband the best! They know better than to try and make themselves seem like a perfect couple, which I respect.

  • Will (not wank)

    @Interesting: That was very rude. I’m surprised there are such homophobic comments on a gay site.

  • Chadboy


    I’m guessing George412 might have been referring to the fact that they sold photos of their kids to the taloids and that NPH says things like he doesn’t want to be a spokesperson for the gay community but takes any opportunity to be in the spotlight even outside his TV show. NPH is an actor, but you have to admit he is constantly trying to get attention with tweets and often puts his foot in his mouth.

  • Interesting

    @Chadboy: (a) You do realize if they didn’t give them fotos the press would have been hounding them to get the pics anyway? Your definition of privacy is based on not being a star. (b) He’s actor. If an actor is not trying to seek attention for his career, he’s soon an unemployed one. (c) The not a spokesperson for the gay community position under cuts your claims that he’s a fame whore. He can’t both be trying to not be obtaining fame and trying to obtain it. The “opportunities to be in the spot light” from what I can tell are almost all related to events in his career. If not, you are going to have to do better than a star making sure that photos are done of his kid in a way that does not involve someone taking a picture of them behind a bush trying to sneak a photo. The press in other words if you are famous has to be handled. The only thing they allow you to keep secret in Hollywood is being gay. If you want to complain about him since he was a closet case, that’s one area to do it, but that’s not the same as a Lindsay Lohan/Kadassian fame whore. You can even complain that his statement about not being a role model is bullshit. I would agree with that. I am just not seeing the fame whore part given what Hollywood is like.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Interesting: The only thing they allow you to keep secret in Hollywood is being gay”

    Not anymore — though I’m sure you;d like to pretend this is so and stoke your NPH hate.

    He’s not a “spokesperson for the community.” He’s an openly gay man whose being openly gay hasn’t destroyed his career.

    I know this enrages you, but you’re just going to have to learn to live with it.

  • Ted

    He has average looks and fairly good acting talent for comedy and movies like Smurfs, Kumar, etc. His career is more hosting, song and dance, ensemble roles so wouldn’t really be adversely affected by being totally out. Never hopes of action leads, sexy, or starring roles. He’s done fairly well and will have long career for a grown up child star but don’t see him progresing much beyond the current.

  • Interesting

    @David Ehrenstein: You are one of those people who like to carry on personal atacks on line without actually knowing if someone is in disagreement with you or not. For instance, rather than asking me what I think you told me and debated the argument you made up for me. That’s just nuts. Good luck with that.

  • Interesting

    @Ted: That was not his career when he came out. ANd when he did come out, there was supposedly “no hope of a career at all.” He proved that wrong, which was an important discovery. Not sure what you mean by ‘advance” He’s always primarily been a TV star. What was he supposed to advance to?

    He’s already got several shows under his belt as well as TV- which by the way- most actors would kill to have. We have no idea how far he will progress. If I had to guess, I would assume he would remain primarily a TV actor because that’s his talent level. What you are saying could be said of 99.99 percent of working actors in Hollywood. That they will never become Tom Cruise. There are only 5-20 actors in Hollywood at that level. So its not saying much.

    The rest are in NPH’s boat. Indeed, Jason Bateman, another former child actor, has made similar statements- that below a certain level of A list stars- its all luck and hard work.

    Even at his level and that of Bateman’s they are still hounded by the press. This is again part of the reality of the industry. The novelty of a then out gay actor of any success having a kid Iw ould imagine would have created a frenzy if he had not shown them at all.

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