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New Fitness Rule: The More You Drink, The More You Exercise


We already told you how exercise makes you fat. Now we learn that people who drink more also exercise more. So if A=B and B=C, does that mean heavy drinkers are fatter than non-drinkers because they exercise more? Or because they imbibe a half dozen 200-calorie drinks a night?

Reuters: “People who drink regularly seem to exercise more often than teetotalers, and those who average more than a drink or two a day may be the most active, a new study suggests. Using data from a government health survey of U.S. adults, researchers found that in general, the amount of time people devoted to exercise tended to inch up along with the number of alcoholic drinks they had each month. Compared with abstainers, those considered heavy drinkers — at least 46 drinks in the past month for women, and 76 or more for men — exercised for an average of 20 minutes more per week.”

Of course, we might be dealing with some idiot logic here. Just because heavy drinkers tend to exercise more doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthier. Also, they may be exercising just to keep off that beer gut, and thus exercise is a necessity to counter excess calories. Either way, if you’ve found a way to party hard and stay trim, more power to ya.

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  • fitz

    More than 2 drinks PER NIGHT? On AVERAGE?

    No wonder most people age so badly. Jeepers.

  • Rowen

    Hrm. I feel like we’re missing some information. I would be willing to be that for young folks, they drink because they like to party, and part of partying usually involves getting laid, and being in shape widens the prospective partners you have, usually.

    That being said, I know a lot of old/er people who drink. Though, they usually don’t excercise.

  • sam

    well when i d rink, i drink enough to get severely drunk…which luckily for me is only about 6 or 7 over the entire night…(which is childs play compared to my friends)
    and then i spend about 6 hours dancing…

    does that count as exercise?

  • scottyscott

    My guess is that those who go out drinking care more about what their bodies look naked. It helps them to get laid after a night out.

  • Tommy


    I think you have hit on something. I think they didn’t take into account other factors like age. Younger people tend to drink more and younger people are capable of exercising for longer periods of time.

  • Rick

    I dont drink and I look plenty good naked.

  • justnow

    @Rowen: @Tommy: you forgot getting booty tommy…. and i thought they was talking about water…

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