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News correspondent David Begnaud recalls rocky first date that led to love in sweet anniversary post


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CBS News correspondent David Begnaud recently celebrated his 11th anniversary with his partner, Jeremy Tardo. In an Instagram posting, the 39-year-old says their first date together got off to a rocky start. In fact, he didn’t think it would progress to anything. And yet, here they are 11 years later and as strong as ever.

“11 years ago I was late for a date,” recalls Begnaud. “I had an legitimate excuse, a bad haircut (allegedly), and because I had just gotten off to air, makeup on my face with residual Kleenex stuck to my stubborn beard.”

“My allergies were in full bloom. He was well dressed and not impressed by my tardiness.”

“He ordered another round of Macallen 12. I, not a big drinker, ordered something I can’t remember. We talked. A lot. Agreed on core values. Sparred on topics you should never talked about on a first date. Ever. I thought the first date would be the last. That was 11 years ago, today. Happy Anniversary, boo.”

Begnaud also shared the story on Twitter with some more photos of him and Tardo together.

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Begnaud is from Lafayette, Louisiana. He is now largely based in New York City. Tardo, who is a successful hair colorist, grew up in New Orleans. He has often shared photos of him and Begnaud on his own Instagram.


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In 2020, he posted a super-sweet Valentine’s message to Begnaud. Check it out below.


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Congratulations on your anniversary, guys. Here’s to many more!