No Gay Pride Flag For Canadian Town

Canadian queers are fuming over a recent decision to regulate Pictou County’s flag poles. The County’s council voted 7-6 Monday to only allow official, state-recognized flag to adorn its shiny staffs, a move that many gay activists consider homophobic, while others say it helps contain haters:

Ramona Westgate, an activist with the Pictou County Pride Group, said officials did not speak with other community groups before voting on the policy. “They didn’t reach out to any of the community organizations, including the Pride of Pictou County, and ask them how they feel or what they thought the effects of this policy would be,” she told CTV Atlantic.

Warden Allister MacDonald dismissed any notion the new policy was created from homophobia. He said the restrictions would actually protect the gay community. “A hate group could come and ask for us to raise a flag, and we would be discriminating against that particular group (by not raising the flag),” he said. “They could take us to a human rights court. This way we’re trying to be proactive so that there would be no controversy down the road.”

Ah, yes, the old “one step ahead” argument – works every time!

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