No Safety For Serbian Pride, Say Gays

Democratic government’s are meant to protect their people. In turn, the people pledge their allegiance. Unfortunately, post-Soviet Serbia’s not living up to its promise.

Gay activists hoped to organize a pride march this summer, but say public officials refuse to guarantee their safety. The Queeria Culture and Non-Violence Center’s Boban Stojanović held a news conference yesterday and blasted his country’s lackluster equality: “In order to realize the freedom of movement that is guaranteed to us by the constitution, we, the homosexuals, need the police protection, which they cannot provide.”

Rather than coming out for the queers, coppers reportedly told Stojanović to hire private security companies.

Stojanović press conference comes as he and his peers launch a new campaign – Love to the streets, hooligans to jails – aiming to erase anti-homo hate across Serbia. “One in four homosexuals comes under some form of attack, physical or physiological, and for that reason we have launched this campaign.”

Belgrade mayoral hopeful Biljana Srbljanović also appeared at the press conference and pledged her support to the gay cause, saying she looks forward to a Belgrade without prejudice.” She went on: “We are all essentially the same, and we all carry many identities inside.”