NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan Elected President Of All American Homophobic Catholic Leaders


New York’s Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who’s long insisted he’s not anti-gay (just anti gay-marriage), and that homosexuality is a compulsion that needs controlling, and that we are born with the knowledge gay relationships are gross, was just elected president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops — a surprise move, given vice president Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson was in the running, and the Catholic Church’s American leadership body usually chooses the next in line. (Kincanas beat Dolan three years ago for the VP slot by two votes.) Which means Dolan will now lead the way … in the church’s political issues, like railing against Obamacare (because it uses taxpayer dollars for abortion!) and branching out from his campaign against legalizing same-sex marriage in New York to every other state.

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  • Andrew

    Because of how my internet window was I read that he’d just been elected President of the United States. :D

    Any way — marriage equality, something the incoming governor promised us, would be a fitting welcome. Or “Fuck you” depending on how you look at it.

  • Mac McNeill

    While they are pushing against gay marriages and abortions, I think it’s time to push for them not to be tax exempt. By entering in the political world, they’re giving up their tax exempt status and it’s time that it is enforced.

  • ewe


  • Shane

    The Bible was written–and translated–during times at which Civilization was far behind where it is now. Indeed widespread acceptance of all peoples is a new concept, one which many believe to be still forthcoming. My question is thus: Why hasn’t God spoken to people in such a similar, documented manner during recent times as when Civilization was still in its comparative infantry?

  • ewe

    @Shane: Because it never was gODD who spoke.

  • Shane

    @ewe: There’s certainly evidence to support that idea: superficially, the Bible tends to contain certain Inconsistencies, even many Contradictions. I for one tend to believe that regardless of the existence of an omnipotent Deity, organized religion has too long been merely a front for maintaining the Majority, creating unwarranted Suppression, and instilling fear of eternal Hellfire into any who oppose or disagree.

    A friend once told me that given the choice of kill or be killed, he would rather be killed so that he would live Forever for Jesus, while he would pity his Assailant for the “harm” killing inflicted on him. I fervently disagree, and it is this Idealogy which Nietzsche has coined Weakness.

  • libhomo

    @Mac McNeill: They definitely should lose their tax exempt status for repeated violations.

    Also, people should point out that Dolan should be focuses on weeding out the rampant child molestation in his own clergy, not attacking women and queers.

  • robert in nyc

    Mac McNeill, I’ve been espousing the removal of tax exempt status of any cult meddling in the political process for a long time, but no politician is going to touch it. My own congressman refuses to support it and he’s not even catholic. The cults will play the victim card again as they always do when they’re under attack. This filthy bigot should keep his ugly face out of politics. He’s the one who helped get marriage equality overturned in Maine, the scumbag that he is.


    @robert in nyc: 100% Co-sign. The church is clearly overstepping the bounds of church and state, yet no politician has the balls to even broach the subject.

    It still boggles the mind that these bastards have the absolute brass balls to dare even enter the arena of anything having to do with the word “Gay” attached to it, when a huge percentage of their members are Gay……..

    And most of the heirarchy including Dolan were fully involved in playing a twisted game of hide and seek with the kiddie diddling priests who were fucking little boys for decades………..

  • robert in nyc

    No. 9, the problem with the roman cult in particular is that it thinks it has a monopoly on civil marriage, no matter if it involves non-catholics. It has the arrogance to assume it owns marriage. I wouldn’t have a problem with them if this were about religious marriage equality, then they would have an argument. I have huge problems with its belief system but I don’t push for it to be banned even though I would like that. They want anything banned that involves LGBT people, period. An evil cult of the worst kind. If every gay priest left the ministry, the Vatican would be brought to its knees. Its already on the path to extinction, long may that continue. All of those involved in centuries of molestation and abuse of women should be arrested and brought before the World Court in The Hague and tried for crimes against humanity and sentenced to hard labor for life without any possibility of parole, starting with the arch culprit in the Vatican. Their property, investments, real estate should be confiscated, sold and the proceeds given to the poor in the true christian spirit. Wasn’t it their leader, Jesus Christ who said…and I’m paraphrasing…”sell all you have and give to the poor if you want to be one of my followers?” None of them do it of course, the true anti-christs.

  • Kenster999

    The Church doesn’t try to force its definition of divorce on the rest of society; they shouldn’t try to force their definition of marriage, either.

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