Does Gossip Rag Lack Basic Comprehension, Class?

NY Post ‘Taps’ Out Another Epithet

New York Post just doesn’t learn. After receiving repeated warnings, Rupert Murdoch‘s tab-rag again uses “toe-tapper” to describe a gay man. The not-so-clever Larry Craig reference first popped up with regard to Thomas Roberts’ nudie pics.

Jeff Bercovici first brought the conflation to our attention, which prompted a response from the kids over at GLAAD.

Despite the uproar, the repeat offenders at Page Six refused to listen. In today’s piece about the protracted McGreevey divorce drama – which we reported on yesterday – the clever mongers write: “…Dina fumes that toe-tapping Jimbo has lied about his income to avoid paying her more money”.

In addition to today’s “toe-tapping,” in yesterday’s piece about Danny Fieldsridiculous lawsuit against Out, the gossip page described Fields as “openly homosexual”. Now, we know there aren’t too many words for gay, but we suspect the Page Six writers are clever enough to think of something new.

Or maybe they’re not…