Of Course It’s Wonder Woman’s Villain Who’s Bisexual

Hollywood’s nasty problem of making heroes straight and villains into gay and bi characters is rearing its head again in NBC’s Wonder Woman. Friday Night Lights‘ Adrianne Palicki will be playing the shero, and now we learn Liz Hurley will play Veronica Cale, “the evil villain” who, according to the NBC casting description, is “female, open ethnicity, late 30s to early 40s. Beautiful, highly-educated, highly accomplished, she runs one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country…but she’s afflicted with the serious deep-seated Wonder Woman envy. Whatever she is, or will be in life…she’ll never be her. And it causes her innards to rot. She loves men, but likes women. There might be an unstated chemistry between her and Wonder Woman, at least on her side.” Translation: They’re going to let viewers see Wonder Woman and Veronica Cale insinuate lesbian flirtations, but I’ll be damned if those two ever share a kiss on screen. (The the NBC remake, Wonder Woman has three identities, and is straight in each.) Meanwhile, expect Hurley’s character to be seen “preying” on poor Wonder Woman with her disgusting lesbian sexual advances.

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