Out There: Agelina’s A Rice Dyke


• Butch supermodel Jenny Shimizu has issued a warning to Brad Pitt about her relationship with Angelina Jolie. “There has never been an ending to her and I. I think there never will be,” she says. [The Sun]

• Pop Bytes calls Bradford “so damn witty and in my humble opinion incredibly cute!” Awww shucks! Flattery will get you everywhere with us. [Pop Bytes]

• Today is your last chance to help choose the Hottest Brazilian of the Year. Like we could just pick one. [Made In Brazil]

• You can also still vote for The Urbs. And yes, Joe.My.God is still spanking us, Toby, Andy, and Shades of Gray. Wait, that sounded hot. [Gridskipper]

Adrienne Barbeau, the star of classics The Fog and Escape From New York, will star as Judy Garland in an upcoming play. The cult goddess is playing a camp goddess. Sounds like magic in the making. [ABC News]