Out There: Ellen Comes To NYC


Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres will be going to a show but won’t be hitting the clubs when Ellen comes to NYC for Thanksgiving. Does Henrietta Hudson’s count?

Daniel Craig is the new James Bond. This is the first time Bond has been played by a blond. Blond, James Blond.

Coldplay may pull an Erasure or Madonna. Their next sound could be very ABBA according to Apple’s dad Chris Martin. Then again it could be a “transvestite” sound, which means they will start lip-synching Whitney Houston records.

• The gay movie Loggerheads opens in New York and Los Angeles today and the NY Times thinks it is worth checking out. And it has nothing to do with getting to see newcomer Kip Pardue shirtless.

• San Francisco pop artist and local television personality Tim Gaskin “will take the new oral (non-blood, saliva) HIV antibody test which produces a result in 20-minutes, live” on-air of OUT Spoken, the San Francisco talk show. This is a first.

• “People who drive large four-wheel drive vehicles are more likely to be fat, conservative men who dislike homosexuals,” a new Australian survey reveals. So it’s just like America.