Out There: One Piece Or Two?

• Two more men were hanged in Iran for their homosexuality. Is any reader aware of an organization working to stop these hangings? Shoot us an email.

two piece

• The N.C.A.A. has approved a two-piece wrestling uniform to replace the sexualized unitard the gays love. The new uniform shows off the competitor’s packages just as much as the last. So we are good with it. Via Jossip and AKAFrankGreen.

• Are women ready for the Stud Farm? Who cares, but we sure as hell are.

• “A coming-out tool kit” will debut at a gay conference in Seattle this weekend. We strongly urge the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute to send one to Tom Cruise, Anderson Cooper, and Kenny Chesney immediately.

• Spokane Mayor James E. West’s computer only had 100 pictures of nude males on the hard drive. Which you queens know, is not many at all.

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