Out There: Stop Buying Land Rovers

land rover

Good As You let us know that the American Family Association on Thursday called off its threatened boycott of Ford Motors after Jaguar and Land Rover ads were pulled from gay publications. Redneck bigoted hillbillies don’t drive Land Rovers! Gays do. Looks like we need to start our own boycott.

• In California a lesbian student has earned the right to sue her school after her principle outed her to her mother. “The person to decide when and how to talk with our family about this should have been my daughter, not her principal,” her mother was quoted as saying. Thanks Lara.

The Pet Shop Boys, still pop’s smartest performers, are set to release an album in the spring produced by the amazing Trevor Horn. Can’t wait.

• We know Madonna doesn’t cut it for everyone when it comes to electronic music. So we are highly recommending Beck’s new remix album Guerolito, a work-over of tracks from the Gold-certified and wonderful Guero. Some of our faves like Boards of Canada and Air lend the cutie iconic hipster a hand on production this time around. The result is a trippy and fun ride you can shake your ass to. Thanks Popbytes.

• here! Network has answered many a gay man’s prayers by casting Antonio Sabato, Jr. in Deadly Skies. The heartthrob plays a gay man who saves the world from an asteroid. This has all the makings of a new camp classic.

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