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Oxford, Claremont … What Else Will The Lamestream Media Find To Be Untrue About Christine O’Donnell’s Credentials?

First Oxford, now Claremont Graduate University: Both schools that Christine O’Donnell did not attend, despite her own claims otherwise. At Oxford, O’Donnell merely attended a class at something called the Phoenix Institute, which rented space from the esteemed school And Claremont in California, the Delaware GOP nominee for governor says she held down a “2002 Abraham Lincoln Graduate Fellowship in Constitutional Government.” She made that up.

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  • Roger Rabbit

    Ok, she’s running for SENATE not for the Governor role.

  • Michael

    Well, if she’s a witch, she’s not a very good one. Samantha Stevens and Endora never had money problems.

  • Rick Gold

    That she is NOT actually a drag queen?

  • Soupy

    Refusing to masturbate makes one very confused.


    If a bunch of at moderate people sat around and tossed out the most extreme bizzare loonytoon components of an far rightwing candidate including the most bizzare claims one could make and the most outrageous platforms to stand on as a joke to create some kind of ultimate frightwing lunatic they couldn’t even come close to this certified wack job………………….

    And the repugnatican party is now so absolutley blinded by partisanship when some of the party officials initialy warned about this crunt (Karl Rove of all people) they were quickly silenced……..

    I am so very ascared…………

  • Cam

    The issue is, the Mainstream media will never use the word lie. And on stories like this, they always contact the subject of the story, and instead of reporting it, they merely read what the subject says. So the story will go like this.

    We contacted candidate O’Donell to ask about some peoples assertions that she did not attend Oxford. Her office responded that while she did attend a class held at Oxford, they in no way meant to imply that she was a student at Oxford University. The staffers who made that error have been corrected.

    Then the news will not bother saying that the lie was actually spoken by O’Donell herself and not some staffer. They are so afraid of losing their access that they will NEVER, EVER call out a politician even when the lie is that obvious.

  • Chris

    I know she’s not from the south and all but….seriously Lincoln? Ya just couldn’t let the south secede?

  • Soupy

    Remember, this is a woman who calls evolution a “myth”. And she thinks human brains are grown on mice. I urge you to get behind her. And shove her hard.

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