PHOTO: OutSports Ranks The 30 Best Male Bodies At The London Olympics

Sometimes blogging is hard work: Take our jock buddies at OutSports—they’ve painstakingly gone through the rolls of Olympic athletes to find the 30 hottest guys heading to London next week.

Sounds like torture.

Among those who made the cut—and are pretty darn cut, too—are runner Usain Bolt, out diver Matthew Mitcham, swimmer Jayden Nadler and gymnast Alex Naddour (above).

For the full roundup, visit OutSports.com

Photo: OutSports/Kyle Terada, US Presswire


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  • Analog

    Call me superficial, but the ONLY reason I’ll be watching the Olympics is to drool over the heavenly bodies on display, wondering which ones are the best in bed. :)
    Not that I’ll ever find out… :'(

  • Spike

    Only one waterpolo player? And he is a chubster, Seriously? Fail.

  • Steve

    They are all wearing entirely too much clothing.

    I think they should require athletes to compete wearing the same uniforms that the had in Greece, 2500 years ago. I am sure they would get higher TV audience numbers. And, it would eliminate the advantage that special clothing gives to only those athletes who can afford it.

  • Brandon

    Wasn’t Outsports supposed to be about sports and for gay people into sports? If you visit the site you quickly realize that it is basically [email protected] with a few “sports related” stories thrown in with no actual sports coverage at all. What a farce and an embarrassment it has become.

  • averageguy40

    I wish I could be a chubster like Tony. I must be morbidly obese. Damn you Krispy Kreme!~

  • Henry Holland

    @Brandon: Disclosure: I’m friends with the two guys who run Outsports.

    No, it was never supposed to be “about sports” or “actual sports coverage”. There’s thousands of websites that can give you scores and analysis. Jim writes an NFL column on Sunday during the season, but the focus has always been about gay sports fans (like me) and gays in sports.

    You don’t like it, start your own gay sports website and see how well *you* do.

  • YaomingYaoming

    Strange how, aparantly, there are no hot Asian guys.

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